Know the Journey

Times are much calmer now. We have released some of our bonds and allowed them to flow away. It is beginning to make more sense now to many of you. It is truly possible to “release” all of our attachments and still lose nothing. The loved ones and possessions that we count on are still here. It isn’t necessary to cling to them in order to keep them in your life. In fact, by releasing your grip there is a vast amount of room for new energy to flow toward you.

Relax. Be still and enjoy this auspicious time. Find contentment in your state of being and know that you need not look too far for completion. Practice your meditation. Be prepared for the full moon on Wednesday. This is the Christed moon. This happens during this time of year when the energy of Christ is ever-present.

Some may argue the meaning of the Christed Moon. Many religions know the energy of this moon and have no content of Jesus in their beliefs. We may accept the presence of Jesus because he is ONE with God and us. No need to argue. Accept the energy of this moon without unnecessary conflict. It is ok for others to pursue their own perception of God and His Disciples.

Welcome the contrast with your belief system. This is how we learn and experience. If there were no differing views, our life would be too stagnant. Instead, open up and allow alternate views. We may learn from them as they may learn from us. This would be a successful relationship under the watchful eyes of our Creator. He answers to many names and He knows no boundaries for the love that He feels for us.

Relax and accept your bounty. Many waves of enlightenment will flow to us these next few weeks. It is impossible to know just how many blessings we may accept. We must be open and “allow” grace into our lives. Even the excitement of these “holidays” may unwittingly block some of the energy. Be sure to make time for meditation, prayer and allowing. Always surround yourself in White Light and ask your guides and angels for protection from any negative energy. This is very important since you will be open to God and spirit and may need to block any earth-bound imposters.

Sing, rejoice and be merry. Ask for full knowledge of the travels of Christ. Seek an intimate understanding of His sacrifice and accept those gifts that He forged for us.

Celebrate. Know love. Give your love to all others and be content in your belief of Our Father and His only Son. This bounty is yours and you need not wait to receive your blessings.

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