This Time of Christ

We are coming upon a truly auspicious time in creation. God and Christ are figured prominently in the next few weeks. How do we optimize our own absorption of the grace and honor that is flooding our plane? By being at peace and thoughtful of all events in and around our own lives.

Grace will assist you to absorb the most Christ Consciousness. Grace in solitude. Grace in turmoil. Grace in manifesting our own Christ-centered evolution.

Be pensive. Reimagine each communication that you release into the world. How does your voice sound? Are you conveying peace, grace and true caring to the other? Is your email thoughtful? Do you use enough caring and globally conscious wording? Is one able to sense your love for life in each word you speak?

Be careful and conscientious in your appearance. Stand and greet others with an open heart and open mind. Do you appear loving or closed off? Are you approachable? Is your heart on your sleeve or locked behind bookcases and file cabinets?

Be the embodiment of grace. Feel and exude love. Open your heart and share the love and light therein.

Does your heart grow in darkness and solitude. Do you consciously embrace the world with your hands on your hips and a glare in your eye? Is one harmed by your spite? Could your light cast more brilliance than a candle?

Now IS the time to embrace the world just as Christ, our brother, has done. HE has set the tone for the brilliance that our lives may also be. We are just as He was. We are full of beauty and grace. We are healers and seers and teachers. We may also advocate for the needy and champion the underdog. We are capable of great miracles as well.

Too many find too much darkness and upset in our lives. We do not understand the blessings that we have at our disposal. So many of our days are spent with complaints and regrets. God nows how much time we allow to fall asunder. We are fooling no one. Those moments spent in darkness take away vast amounts of our light.

Why? Why do we insist upon feeling slighted? Why are we keeping score and exacting revenge? How many days are spent in ignorance of what is good, holy and right?

Turn this around. Now is the time to release your restrictions. Let go of your vengeance. Forget what the “score” is. Release your need to criticize and complain. God does NOT criticize you. God does NOT complain about your mistakes or limitations. Why do we feel we have the right to treat others with such disdain?

It is no one’s place to demean anyone. It is not your right to undermine anyone’s goodness and grace. We do not have any privileges that God does not have Himself.

This is the Time of Christ. We have so many wonderous things to celebrate. Release any heartache or sorrow. Turn to God and seek forgiveness for behaving in a way unbecoming to the Child of God that you are.

It is a time of new beginnings. Absorb the grace that God allows each of us to share. Give love, accept love and share love with the world of believers. This is our time to fill our sails with the best emotions and intentions. We are ONE with God and we are blessed to take part in this hallowed celebration.

The Light of Christ guides you effortlessly. All the good and wonders that He brought to us, we may also bring to our fellow human travelers. This is a monumentous time of our earth year. Bathe yourself in grace and work forward with the intent of being as loving, trusting, healing, teaching, forgiving, and altruistic as our brother, Christ. The Son of God and our incarnate example for which to live our lives.

Go with God and accept all the wonders of living in this Time of Christ. Smile and “know.” Work and “know.” Shop for groceries and “know.” Speak with others and “know.” Attend to your daily life and “know.” Great peace comes from “knowing” we are GOD.

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