How to Allow Healing

Many of us have made great effort in ridding ourselves of negative, muddy and congealed energy. We have been following spirit advice and making some small changes to our complicated and occasionally confusing life. Congratulations!

Now what? How do we keep from turning back to what is familiar? We need to RELEASE our expectations and our ego needs. Much may be gained by letting go.

As humans we are engaged in routine and habit. We argue with our spouse, then we get angry as we are stuck in traffic, we yell at our kids because they didn’t tell us of their trouble in school…What would we do if we no longer argued with anyone? What if traffic inspired us to listen to uplifting music or self-help CD’s? What if we have a good day at work and there is no conflict anywhere to deal with?

We would probably start an argument, insist on becoming angry in traffic while throwing out those CD’s and yell at everyone including our children! We do not know how to release our bad habits. We are lost if we don’t have our routine. This routine may be positive or negative.

Let go. Let everything fall away and accept all of the wonderful changes that you are making for your highest and best. Letting go of pain, emotional injury and suffering are welcome and much-needed. Offer forgiveness to yourself and others, then, let it be. When the tape in your head starts again, interrupt it. State, “I have forgiven______. I release my need to restart this cycle of unforgiveness.”

Stick to it. No amount of retribution is worth the darkness that this negativity brings upon your soul. Release and move on.

There are no positives that come from rehashing everything that hurt us. Our spiritual success is far more important than keeping score. There is no pride in holding grudges. In fact, the person with the most grudges is the furthest behind!

Releasing negativity is much like starting counseling. There are layers. More layers than you would imagine. You may feel a need to forgive one person and then that may lead to pain and hurt suffered from another person or situation. Where you begin may initially make little sense to where you end up.

In your life there are many circumstances that may have impacted how you feel about yourself and others. Your experience with a cold and distant mother may have a direct effect upon your relationship with your spouse. “I am used to being discounted therefore you will discount me.” Your spouse may be loving and nurturing but history has taught you that your feelings don’t matter.

A sibling who relentlessly ridiculed you causes you to avoid making close friends. You are expecting to be taunted. “I can’t let anyone know the real me because I do stupid things and others laugh at me.” We have spent years being conditioned to expect certain responses. We may not even question whether we deserve such treatment or not. We just “know” we are clumsy, stupid, clueless, fat, ugly…

Remove all those layers and find your true self. Do any number of things to release your negativity. Use prayer, journaling, counseling, crystals that purge emotional injury, energy healing, faith healing… Let go and allow yourself to heal.

Release your “bad” habits. Resist the urge to expect to be mistreated and definitely don’t incite someone to mistreat you. Stop sabotaging your relationships. Get started and don’t step backward again. Expect layers. Be open and learn to enjoy the weightlessness of healing.

Keep an open mind. You may find the content of your layers surprising and maybe amusing. The origins of your emotional pain may actually be many years behind you. Let them go and continue to walk forward. Don’t pick them back up!

Use a positive visualization of sitting in a waterfall. Allow the water to flush away all of your negative energy. Imagine every part of your being becoming cleansed. Start at your crown and work your way down to the bottom of your feet. Let the darkness flow away from you. Remember that you have energy centers in which you store your pain and upset. Is it your neck and shoulders? How about your sternum? Maybe your hips and thighs? Flush those areas especially well.

Imagine the water as crystal clear and refreshing. KNOW that it comes from God. Keep up with this image until you notice the water running clear. Make sure you flush your entire being; front, back, inside and out. Make sure to fill yourself with the White Light of God now that you have flushed so much unnecessary debris from your life.

Remember to do this exercise often enough to feel the improvement. Release all pain and worry. Let go of your injuries and accept your renewed attempt to heal.

Forgive. Walk through those layers and forgive.

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