With Ease

Everything is calmer and sailing more smoothly right now. Mercury retrograde has ended and we are able to move forward with more grace.

Many of us have begun to feel more spiritual. There are events in our lives that have caused us to feel “blessed.” We have asked for assistance and we have been given some timely, well-needed answers.

You may be testing your bottomless bank account. You’re finding that God truly does respond at a moments notice. Now, you may want to give other guides a chance?

Angels and Archangels are always ready to help. You merely have to ask. Some people have been saved from accidents by stating, “Angels help me now!” Then miraculously, trajectories shift and bumps soften. People who felt they would surely be killed or seriously injured where left with minor injuries!

Never resist calling upon angels. They do not care if your needs are big or small, they only wish to assist you. We all have angels that remain with us but we may also ask for more. Then, make sure you give them permission to help you otherwise your requests may be futile.

You may even send angels to the side of loved ones or other people in need. Send angels of comfort and contentment, angels of safety and security, angels of healing and well-being, angels of prosperity…Keep an open mind and always seek their help and guidance. You may even send an angel hug to someone to celebrate joy or to comfort them.

Archangels are well-known and have specific areas of concern. If you want more information please do a search for Archangels. We all have our own personal Archangel as well. Just by reviewing their areas of prowess you will likely figure out which one is your Archangel guide.

Spirit guides are not deceased loved ones. They are souls who usually reside on the Other Side. They have many generations of experience guiding humans in this earth-realm as well as other realms where we may travel to for experience. They are likely a good friend of yours and they have agreed to be with you during this incarnation.

There are also temporary spirit guides who are with you at specific times in your life. Then, there is your Higher Guide. They reside at your apex and they are often the voice that you hear most often. They remain with you for your entire incarnation. Other guides may come and go.

There are earth guides. These are people who you would call a mentor or teacher. They are human but you would swear that God had sent them at just the right time! This is true! Your earth guides charted their time with you. They have specific lessons to teach you or to help you process certain events. They come in at the designated time and they may leave your life as well. Some earth guides may remain in your life for years! It happens just as the two of you agreed to prior to this incarnation.

You also have deceased loved ones who visit you at various times. They enjoy being near during special times such as birthdays, holidays or the birth of a baby. They also come near when you are ill or stressed. They try to help and they may que you of their closeness by signature smells, songs, phrases or many differing hallmarks of their earth life that you would connect with them.

The ones who are not so familiar to everyone are the elementals. People who practise earth-based religions will be familiar with these beings and the souls of all contents of earth. There are guides associated with trees, water, plants…Even those who don’t practise earth-based religions may have elementals with them. Some of these were acquired in childhood by adventuring outdoors and utilizing your imagination. You spoke to all things alive or stagnant and may have developed a relationship with some of these beings during that time. Many people may ask for elementals now. It is part of our return to nature and attempting to reconnect with Mother Earth.

Elementals may also be helpful with other areas of life. If you would like to know more please do a search for them. Just a caution, there are definite musts and don’ts for engaging with elementals. Make sure you know exactly what it entails prior to asking for their presence.

There are a vast numbers of religions here on earth. The list of guides, helpers and workers is very long. There are Saints, Gods and Goddesses, and spirits of earth and her 4 directions. Trust your heart and know that you are never limited to amount of divine guidance you may receive.

We may begin in one religion as a child. Then, we may seek other sources of faith. We may completely change to another religion or we may utilize different aspects of many beliefs to form our own unique view on life.

It is possible to have a reading to discern what entities are near you at this time. Seek your familiar sources and see if they may give you some information. Whether you prefer psychic mediums, card readers, divination practises, prayer or any other guidance sources. Find out who your guides, angels, and other supporters are and why they are with you at this time.

Become familiar with the many avenues of spiritual assistance you have available to you. Live with ease. Tap into the bottomless bank account and KNOW that each day may be brighter and more blissful just by using your divine support system!

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