The Bottomless Bank Account

Imagine if you had a bank account with several million dollars in it. You live each day looking for that silver lining or the pot of gold. You keep to budget and you save on spending where possible. Life begins to get to you. Some mornings you wake up feeling defeated by the day and it hasn’t really started yet.

So what about that account? Did you forget that it was there or have you been unaware of its existence?

This is what it is like to live without the help of God. You struggle from day-to-day but there really isn’t a need to struggle. You have more than enough resources that you simply have to ask for.

There is a bounty of good and positive assistance. God has many helpers. There are Saints, Angels, Archangels, Higher Guides, your higher self, minions and fairies, the souls of trees, plants and Mother Earth. There are spirit guides and deceased loved ones. There are many earth guides and teachers. The list of support and encouragement is never-ending!

We are never left on our own. One merely has to seek assistance and allow yourself to be helped.

Pray, be grounded and centered, meditate and journal. Find those many avenues that we may utilize to access the bounty of Our Lord.

Why would we not recognize and use our most precious gift of knowing God? Some people feel that they are not worthy. That somehow they “angered the Gods” and made so many mistakes that the Light no longer shines upon them. They don’t accept the reality of forgiveness and acceptance. They believe that life is meant to be a struggle and seeking God’s help is cheating somehow. There are also those who don’t realize that ALL creation comes from God. They truly believe that they are the only architects of their lives and they make their own luck, good or bad.

Sometimes it takes a tragedy for them to turn to God. Maybe they needed that nudge. Maybe they were forced to face their own limitations and realized that there is more to this world than just us.

Whatever the catalyst, we may all turn to our Creator and seek the bounty, joy and blessings that we all seek and deserve. We all have favor in Our Father’s eyes. We are valuable. God does not want to lose a single soul to disbelief.

Remember the truth. We may ask for love and guidance at any time. There is more love and support available to us then we will ever use or need. God’s Love is limitless. Don’t wait for hard times to overwhelm you. Seek the immensity of your faith. Ask for reassurance and support every day and at any time.

Ask for help. Ask for some money for bills. Ask for healing for your granddaughter. Ask for a good mechanic to repair your car. Ask for a route with less traffic. Ask for the perfect prom dress…God and all of your Heavely Hosts are on call and ready to provide.

Make sure you are keeping everything positive and uplifting. Please don’t ask for any negative outcomes for anyone in your world. That is the only catch.

Ask for help. Let God, angels and spirit know what you need. The experience is uplifting and occasionally profound! Accept God’s Light and allow the Divine energy to make you more willing to help others. Expansion is as easy as asking for it. (Then, let it happen!)

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