Love Along the Way

Always allow love. There is no better way to interact with anyone other than with love and compassion. We are fellow humans along the same trodden trail. No one is any better than the next. Yes, our lives differ greatly in content and action but we have charted many such journeys in which our lives were less than positive.

Stand shoulder to shoulder. Meet one another’s gaze. Acknowledge that we have made the very same turns and twists on our own paths before.

Offer understanding and respect. There is no need to look down upon anyone. This action does not make you a better person. It is far more simple to nod your head knowingly and bless them along their way.

We have a myriad of different relationships in our lives. We asked for such diversity and we chose to learn from conflict and contrast. We may have learned some lessons early on and maybe we are in a better state of being than some others. It is of no consequence. We all arrive at the end and meet with our guides and review what wonders and knowledge this life has brought to us.

This is not a competition but an engagement. We also walked and talked and searched and wallowed. We gave ourselves more than enough times to sample and try.

We have arrived at this place of “knowing.” We have found our faith, strength and perseverance. We saw the Light as it guided us home from a trying and difficult time. We stand before God now as worker ready to serve. Who will we serve? Does it make sense to toil for the lucky and the rich? Do we assist the one who is prosperous in home, family and wealth? No, not at all.

We serve those who need a hand and help them to shoulder their burdens. We hold up that Light for them to follow as we once needed to. We see them for the fellow traveler that they are. We see ourselves in them for our times of struggle are not so far behind us.

Accept all of God’s children. Understand their plight and offer love, not judgement.

If you find that you are unable to stand beside them at least give them love to carry on and find those successes that we too did discover. We truly are ONE. Your brother may not look as you do or speak as you do but we are still human and we all must find our way.

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