What May We Pass On?

Much of what has been charted is necessary. There are very specific reasons that you are required to experience certain circumstances in life. Often, if you have not learned from the first time you were presented with a specific set of experiences then it is presented to you again. This cycle repeats itself until you have gained the proper perspective and learned the lessons involved. If you have learned only part of the lesson then the cycle may repeat until all of the required lessons are learned.

These cycles may involve many different areas of life. Some are family related, spouse-related, child-related, work-related, housing-related, vehicle-related…You may even state to yourself or others,”This happens to me all of the time!” That is a good clue that there is something to be learned that you haven’t quite grasped yet.

What may be skipped? Not much.

Everything has it’s intent and purpose. Car accidents, frozen water pipes, family members with illness, job loss, lottery winnings, promotions at work…There are also global events that we have lessons to be learned from as well like tsunamis, global warming, school shootings, ethnic cleansing, a passing meteor, the Pope retiring…

Our initial response to an upsetting event may well be shock and/or denial. It is best to push through our shock and start to cope with the situation. How may we help? What may we learn from this? How may we keep this from happening again?

This IS life. This is what we asked for. We charted these events so we may learn from the experience. We also charted the learning process and the eventual ability to help others involved in similar circumstances.

Hiding from life doesn’t work. Burying your head in the sand is not effective. Being in irrational denial isn’t living!

Get your bearings and deal with things. Do your best and always ask for help. You don’t know everything and there are many people in your life who will have something to share with you about their own experience with a similar situation. EXPAND outward, don’t collapse inward. If you don’t have the knowledge or resources to deal with the situation, going inward will not solve anything and actually may delay the resolution.

Often the lesson is to ask for help. Look to God to bring you someone with the knowledge and resources to help you. Don’t lose your sense of security because of one unexpected event. Regain your stability and go about making repairs.

Why do we have the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” Because we have the habit of giving in to negativity and feelings of insecurity. We throw away all of our positive and successful aspects of life because of one difficult situation. This has everything to do with the Law of Attraction.

Your car breaks down. Then your neighbor’s son breaks one of your windows with a baseball. Then you argue with a co-worker. You begin to say to yourself, “What is going to go wrong next?” Then the Universe states, “Oh, you want more turmoil?” Your response is, “This has been my luck lately.” Or, “If I didn’t have bad luck I would have no luck at all.” Or, “This is the kind of stuff that happens to me all of the time.” Then the Universe gets the message that you expect everything to go wrong and it complies.

We have all done this very thing! Be careful and catch yourself when you perpetuate this type of circumstance. Make sure you don’t make these types of down-on-your-luck statements. Don’t even make these statements in your own head!

Turn your thoughts around right away. Acknowledge that you love God and you have a strong faith. You understand the need for stressful events and you will cope effectively and learn from it. You will greet the Universe with understanding and ask for positive events and good outcomes.

When you have gained that inner strength and unshakable faith you will eventually be able to thank God for the experience because you were able to expand and learn. This is one of your life goals. This is something we all have to experience. Refuse to be overwhelmed and instead choose to succeed. Manage all of life’s circumstances, good or bad.

Your goal is to accept all of life’s situations and make something positive out of it. You know someone who has reached this level of understanding. You have seen them spring to action after a flood or be the first one to console a new widow or bring you strength when a loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. You know someone who is at this stage in life when they understand that there are lessons to be learned and help to be received from others.

They don’t ask God, “What next?” Instead they ask, “How may I help?”

That car accident isn’t intended to undo you. That illness your mother is suffering from isn’t supposed to make you give up hope. Even the downsizing at work brings you some very important lessons. None of life’s difficult situations are intended to be the end of everything good and beautiful in your life.

Develop some strong, positive and effective coping skills. Find your faith and make it universal. God never leaves your side. All of your Heavenly Hosts come closer in times of need. You may feel alone but that is merely one limitation of our human existence. Stress makes us turn inward and that is precisely when we should turn outward and look to God.

Weather all odds. Grow in strength and wisdom. When life becomes difficult, turn toward God to find the lessons that are intended to be learned. Seek the maturity that brings knowledge and resources that you may share with others in times of need.

Don’t give up. Don’t draw more turmoil to you by the words you speak and the feelings you have. Look for the Light in any situation and ask, “How may I help?” How may you help yourself and how may you help others. This is but one purpose in life. Amen.

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