Offer Love

Offer love.

When understanding and empathy fail, offer love.

When hope and trust fail, offer love.

When fellowship and attachment fail, offer love.

When your eyes are not able to dismiss their skin color, offer love.

When your heart is unable to accept their motivation, offer love.

When you are unable to understand their family dynamic, offer love.

When their unemployment doesn’t make sense to you, offer love.

When you are not able to see past their disability, offer love.

When you don’t understand their spiritual beliefs, offer love.

When you cannot add up their life’s worth, offer love.

When God sends them to you for support, offer love.

When their troubles mirror yours, offer love.

When their troubles don’t mirror yours, offer love.

When your heart rejects their sense of self, offer love.

When there is no other way, offer love.

We must offer others their value as a person and a vessel of God. We must do our best to see them for their true selves and not impose our expectations upon them. We are people of different colors, faith and religions. We are not here to judge but rather to accept all others for who they really are. Our duty is not to pressure them into compliance with our norms and values but to celebrate who they are and accept that they offer us a different perspective on many things in our world.

Where we do we go from here? To a global community. To loosen our expectations and instead receive diversity as the gift that it is.

God does not envision us as “different” or “unusual.” We must do our best to see others as fellow humans upon the same path. The lessons and outcomes are the same. No culture is better than another. We are equals and each of us is set upon a path of knowledge and enlightenment.

Education is at it’s best when we ignore the differences among us. We truly are ONE and we all come to God through the same avenues, over the same barriers, and at the same time.

We are ONE and love speaks to us all. Amen.

(This is definitely a different guide. He is palpably strong and his words carry much weight. Maybe we will hear more from him in the near future!)

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