Short Term Goals

We are here with some suggestions for short-term goals. We realize that you appreciate specific direction regarding how to make changes for the better. It is possible to begin with our suggestions and then establish your own long-term goals that you would like to pursue.

Meeting short-term goals and feeling that sense of accomplishment may help to boost your confidence. It may be more likely to make positive changes for the long run with some successes to build upon. We promise many opportunities to make better and more positive changes in the near future. With all of the mounting energy flushing your Earth home you will see results very quickly.

This is a good time to start!

Choose 1 behavior that needs to go. Start with your feelings or behavior toward others. This list is easy to distinguish because it reflects your attitude and negative habits toward people in your life.

STOP treating people with anger, aggression, violence, intimidation, manipulation, gossip, lying, ganging up, exploiting their weaknesses, using put downs, and bickering.

That is straight forward right?

Then choose 1 behavior that you need to add to the way you feel toward and treat others.

START being respectful, understanding, compassionate, non-judgmental, empathetic, appreciative, supportive, and using a positive attitude.

Also straight forward.

We recommend that you begin with others who are closer to you. This may be parents, siblings, spouses, children, other family members, and close friends. These are the people who would benefit the most from your new and improved behavior.

Remind yourself not only daily but also throughout the day that you have made the committment to these 2 changes. Your personal strength will grow and God and other Heavenly Hosts will bring more positive outcomes to you. The positive aspects of your life will grow and the negative aspects will diminish.

You have to stay with it. Don’t fall back into negative behavior patterns again. And most importantly, don’t expect any acknowledgment from anyone. You are making these changes to improve your energy, soul growth and Light. No one needs to pat you on the back. Your own feelings about yourself will be enough to keep you making changes and moving forward. If you need the approval of others than there are some additional changes that need to made to your confidence, independence and self-esteem.

God intends that each of us stand on our own and be responsible for our own behavior. We have all met with some difficult or possibly traumatic events in our lives. It is understood that now you are an adult that you make the needed changes in your life because that is what is expected.

To some of you it may sound very difficult to meet these standards but this is the choice that you made when you contracted into this incarnation. We came here to work on difficult issues. Some of these are developed in this lifetime and others are unresolved from earlier lives.

Hard work is rewarded with spiritual advancement. Goals are met and progress continues. This is as it should be. Opting out is not an option to those of us who have met on this site. We have gathered for a reason and we are speaking directly to you. You arrived here because you wanted initiative and direction. This is a good place to be in your life and we will honor you for the duration of our contact.

We are strong but you are equally as strong. You are us in another lifetime. You have the knowledge and understanding to guide others as well. We do not look down upon you but rather we look at you as equals. It is our turn to help you up and we value our commitment to you.

We have walked the same roads as you and we have struggled with the same difficult circumstances. It is our hope, desire and wish to help you heal and arrive back at your true level of ascension again.

We are ONE and God looks upon us with favor. We have arrived here together and we will work side by side until you are able to walk this path alone. This does not mean we will leave you, we will simply step back and wait for you to need us again.

Go with God. Go with Light. Gather with us in honor of this experience.

With all of our love,
Your Guides

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