My 10 Steps to Enlightenment List

I have made a decision to do my own 10-steps to enlightenment reading so that you will understand what it is.
This is from my spirit guides and they provide direction to increase my spirituality. Guides are blunt. They are very straight forward and do not take into account the time or energy that these changes would require. As humans we involve emotion, ego and fear while spirit just tells it like it is.

1. Lose weight. Take into account the reality of your physical health. You spend far too much time believing that you are in perfect health and that is not the case. You are far too lenient with your diet and allow yourself too many exceptions to what you should be eating and what you actually do eat. There are no free passes and you know it.

2. Work on your anger. You are quick to become frustrated and spend far too much time “plotting revenge.” Relax. Trust in your God Center and learn from the issues that cause you upset. You are not perfect and no one deserves your lofty attitude.

3. Forget what does you no good. Stop going over things that have been done and over with. There are no do-overs and you are wasting so much time re-imagining events that you have regrets about. Live in the now and be proactive. No more living in the past. Life does not “happen” in the past!

4. Mend some fences. You have too many grudges. There are some very beautiful people who have not met with your favor. Forgiveness is of more importance than living out your life reinforcing fences that you have built around you. Stop being obstinate!

5. Challenge yourself more. you do far too little in life. Get out more. Be involved and make some much-needed changes to your personal life. Your habit to be alone and spend time alone is not emotionally healthy. No one is intended to live in such isolation. you have some very good friends so go out and see them. It will do you some good. Add more balance to your life and enjoy a more fulfilling existence. Make some new friends! Go places! Enjoy life!

6. Travel back in time and heal old wounds. Your view of the past needs to be dealt with and set aside. You tend to look at things in pieces and not as a whole. This is not accomplishing much. Give yourself a realistic impression of your entire childhood, your whole relationship with your mother and your father and then let things be. No one needs to rehash events over and over again. There is no positive outcome to what you have been doing.

7. Invest in some new activities. Learn new hobbies, make new friends, start new projects and expand your life as a whole. You tend to go over and over the same things and it is no wonder that you have little joy in life. Your life is so small that there is a severe limit to what you may find inspiring and creative. This is NOT what you wished for when you came into this existence. Get moving! Start something new and stop procrastinating!

8. Forgiveness is Divine. Let go of all actual and perceived slights. Live life in the positive and stop being so judgmental. No one is perfect, including you. Give a blanket forgiveness to everyone in your life and resist the urge to remember what they said or did. It really doesn’t matter. Forgiveness will light your soul. There is very little that God may do to enrich your life if you leave little room for forgiveness and release.

9. Make your existence better. You are waiting for other people to cook, clean and be motivated but you must also be a part of this process. Do chores on a daily basis instead of leaving it go. Make a list of tasks for others to follow and all of you may share in the improved results. No one can read your mind. Let them know what needs to be done!

10. Pray, ground, center and meditate. Come closer to your genuine self. Clear away all the negative distractions and move toward a positive, joyful existence. You have wandered too far off of your path. Come back to center and fill yourself with the joys of God’s love and presence. Allow Him to lead your life and share His Light with others on your path. God has intended for you to be a leader to others searching for the Light. you have diminished your existence with petty thoughts and worries.

“Find Me again. I have missed you so in these past few weeks. I want you to find your love for Me again and stop belittling your intended existence.”

(This content is channelled. As any psychic medium I am not able to “read” myself but this content comes through a different process. I am a passive participant in this method. For your reading I would be interacting with your guides.)

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