Take the Blinders Off

What are we doing instead of growing more mature? Any number of things! Humans are very creative when avoiding something more difficult than what they are currently doing.

We spend a prolific amount of time doing “busy” work. Things that don’t make a difference whether they are done or not. It is like we are keeping ourselves focused to our left when all of the spiritual answers and growth are to our right!

Why do we spend so much time avoiding a world of knowledge, events and experience that will help us to grow spiritually? This perspective would only make sense if this were our only life. If we did not have an eternal existence than we could spend this one life however we wish.

We know that this is not true. We are here for only one of our many incarnations. This life is a culmination of all of our past lives working toward our upcoming lives. We do have goals. We also have lessons to learn from and experience. There is an eternal purpose to our current lifetime!

Do your best to remove your blinders. Sure, spiritual growth is more difficult than just passing the time but we came with a chart. We wanted to learn from some various experiences and take more knowledge and wisdom into our next life.

Opting out doesn’t get you anywhere. Sure, some of your lessons occur in life just by aging and dealing with things from day-to-day. But there are some lessons where you must wander off of your path of least resistance.

Have you ever been struck by some events in life that seem unfair, profound, or very personal? It is possible that you are aware of these events in order to push you into action! Some of life’s circumstances need to be addressed. Do you have sorrow over homeless people? Do you know breast cancer survivors? What about animal shelters? How do you feel about fracking? There are many instances in life which may cause us to take action, so please do!

It is these emotional events and circumstances that broaden your life experiences and increase your spiritual growth. Playing it safe may not gather enough expansion for your soul. This is not our only life. We do not simply “get by” in order to achieve the proper amount of soul growth.

Venture out into life. Choose some issues that speak to you on a deeply personal level and get involved. Even if it is a small money donation or some volunteering on the weekend. Any amount of involvement will help to satisfy your goal to become involved. Who knows, you may decide to be fully involved with a worthy cause!

Have you known some people who become a leader for certain causes? There are those who have lost a daughter to domestic violence so they start an agency to help others who suffer from DV. Or, someone may have lost a mother to breast cancer so they organize a fundraising event every year. Or , families who have lost a loved one to a drunk driving accident then they organize public awareness presentations. There are also people who turn to public speaking after profound events in their lives. These case are the extreme but it goes to show you how good may come from many types of life circumstances.

Take care of home and hearth but also make time for involvement in social causes. Just as charity is always one of God’s goals for your life, so is social reform. Find your comfort level and be “present.” Allow others to see and hear you. Teach by setting an example and celebrate your good fortune by helping others to heal from any number of life circumstances.

We hope that you find the cause that lights a fire in your heart. It may be a no-kill animal shelter, sterilizing feral animals, developing drought resistant plants, researching fuel alternatives, organizing a food co-op, volunteering at a senior home, teaching others to process and store food… Step out into the world and invest in making something better.

We want only the best for you and yours. By inviting some amount of activism into your life we trust that you will grow both emotionally and spiritually. It is our wish to see you grow and prosper and make steps toward achieving enlightenment. Once your soul expands you will make the world a better place and fulfill some of your expectations for this lifetime.

We will stay beside you and encourage you along your way. We did not come with you into this lifetime to watch you from a distance. We pledged our complete attention to you, in honor of our Father. Amen.

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