The Fear of Open Doors

More doors are opening. Spirit senses that we are fearful of these new possibilities at first. We react as being surprised. Then, we slowly come to accept the opportunity of change and a new, true direction. Then, we either slowly proceed to a new outcome or we respond in fear and resistance and return to our old ways.

It is as if spirit are the parents of a small child beginning to walk. They eagerly await our first step and excitedly encourage our next step. The momentum builds as we choose to walk and then run. We are surprised and happy as is our parents, our spirit guides.

The possibilities never go away. We are able to make those journeys whenever we wish. What stops us? Why do we persist in our materialistic ways? Here are some possibilities:

1. Fear- Whether it is the fear of change, of the unknown, of walking alone, or of making a mistake. Fear keeps us in our monotonous cycles. It is less stressful to stay in our current habits rather than shaking up our lives.
2. Challenging- It feels like swimming upstream to make changes to our lives. It requires a conscious effort to make the change and to remind yourself to stay with it. If you are not vigilant you are likely to return to old habits without even realizing it.
3. Unpopular- Change is not a popular thing. Everyone resists your efforts to change. Family, friends, acquaintances and co-workers prefer that you remain predictable and reliable. They are not comfortable with change so they actively encourage you to avoid it.
4. Roles- Everyone in your life counts upon you to play your role. The dynamic is shaken when you attempt to choose a different role. Others need you to be the doting mother, the caregiving daughter, the problem solver at work… There are also negative roles that others want you to keep. The alcoholic spouse, the abusive son, the distant grandparent…Whether it is positive or negative, others in your life do not want you to change roles. You may be trying to improve your life and the lives of those around you but this is not a welcomed activity. They don’t want you to “rock the boat.”
5. Long-term goals- It is so easy to feel like you’re making changes and nothing is getting any better. You’ve become honest, sober and steadily employed but there still seems to be chaos and upheaval. It may be more challenging to maintain the changes than it would be to revert back to your previous lifestyle. You will likely need new friends. You will need better communication skills and problem-solving techniques. You’ll also need improved money management, spirituality, healthy hobbies, improved appearance…

Change for the better requires more than just changing how you feel and what you do to take care of yourself. It may begin to feel like one challenge after another. And it is! The benefit is those doors that are opening for you as you heal. It is the ease of life when you have found your true path and you are faithfully walking upon it.

God gives you the support and encouragement that you need. It does get better. No one ever tells you that you feel 100% wonderful after a divorce. Or healthy and vital right after a major surgery. Healing takes time. Keep moving in a positive direction and recognize the presence of God and spirit. Continue to make improvements in your life. Optimal health and spirituality feels amazing!

Set some reasonable goals and work toward attaining them. Recognize that every positive step brings more health and vitality to your life. Your energy improves. Your coping skills are effective. You have a good support system. You realize that God provides!

Investigate those open doors. Walk through them with confidence and excitement. Resist the influence of your own fear and the negative input of others. This is your life and you are responsible to reach your predetermined goals. Success feels good. We came here to overcome all challenges and barriers to find God and our true self.

As you make progress you will recognize the synchronicity of grace and good health. This state of mind is its own reward. More Light, more love, more God. Amen.

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