Choose 2

We all have two things that distract us from a higher level of spirituality. The two things may be very different for each of you but much will be gained by removing them.

The more common ones are drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, greed, ego, competitiveness, vengeance, weakness, obesity, illness, trauma, instability, addiction to gambling, being abusive, suffering abuse, lying, manipulating others, laziness, anger, selfishness…

You may make an immense surge in spirituality by removing the two things that have been in your way of emotional growth. Each of you should have no problem deciding which two are the most profound in your lives.

Once you have determined which two are interfering with your ascension, remove them from your life!

Addictions are always at the top of the list. Drugs and alcohol are the first to go. Spirit is very specific about this. These addictions interfere with your thoughts, feelings, behavior, life skills, reliability, relationships, promiscuity, health, security, and maturity. Drugs and alcohol affect how you treat yourself and how you treat others.

Addictions impair relationships with family, friends, children, spouses, co-workers and other community members. Your maturity has been affected and you will stop any emotional growth at the point which you began your addiction.

God did not bring addictive substances into our reality to impair us but rather to be managed and overcome. If you cross back over and you still haven’t resolved your addiction you will continue to cope with it after death. There are treatment programs in the afterlife as well as here on earth.

This may be a life lesson that you charted to learn from or you may have been sidetracked by an addiction without intending to be. Either way, remove your addictions from life first.

Spirit is aware that this is far easier said than done but your goal in life is to accept all of your circumstances and then work to overcome them; no exceptions. Work tirelessly and become closer to your genuine self. Work through the first two distractions and see how much more genuine maturity and happiness becomes.

Choose two and get started. Spirit may be counted upon to help you but abstinence is your responsibility.

Many of us seek the path to ascension and want to be given a map, chart or set of rules. This is it. This is the blueprint to your higher self. Relax now that your questions have been answered. Make plans and set about reaching these goals.

Many of you are nodding your head in understanding. It makes sense. Of course it is this obvious but it is far more difficult to follow through. We are here to stand beside you. You have our support. We will work with you but the changes you need to make are very much earth-oriented. You must take the actual steps and reach your goals.

By removing some of your barriers to ascension you will sense a greater connection to spirit and God. The energy you receive will be an incentive to do more. Getting healthy, both emotional and physical, may become your top priority. You’ll sense greater love and Light and your personal joy will bound off the charts!

It is time to begin. The steps to take are clearly defined. Cut away some of your more troubling barriers and grow closer to your higher self. We eagerly await you and hold you in our highest regards. Join us and let us become One. Amen.

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