You Are Authorized to Take Flight

Mother Earth is reawakening. She is rising out of her slumber and looking forward to a new season of growth and renewal. Her recent injury is largely resolved and she is thankful for all of your help. There is a pocket of negative energy deep in the earth from the meteorite blast but it has been almost fully resolved.

We are beginning again in this year of rebirth and renewal. Many of us are finally receiving that big break that we have been hoping for. Successes are more common and we have begun to breathe easier and have more hope.

We are also getting more answers to our life-questions. We have had greater ease imagining what we truly want “to have” and “to be” in this lifetime.

Many of us are behaving as young hopefuls anticipating that dream role in a play of our dreams. We have more energy and insight. We have heard of our expected successes from many different sources. So many times that we are actually beginning to believe it!

What do we do with our traditional fear? How do we keep from derailing our hopes because we are so used to dealing with frequent blocks and barriers? How do we stop standing in our own way?

Prayer, meditation, grounding and centering. Use the law of attraction to obtain your best possible outcome. Literally, you already are successful. You are happy. You are prosperous. You are enlightened. You are healed. Walk this earth with the knowing that all that you want and need is already in your life. Trust and allow God to provide for you.

Cut the ties of negativity, illness, anger, frustration and loneliness. Don’t fall back into those patterns anymore. It takes many days to break all of your habits of lack and loss. This is something to work on day in and day out.

Use your imagination and grasp what you know to be your birthright. You are a perfect child of God. You are here to learn, grow and experience. The only thing in the way of your success is your mistrust and your routine of needing, wanting and losing.

Stop the cycle of negative self-talk. Speak truer words of happiness, hope, prosperity and success. BELIEVE in God, yourself and your soul growth. The old ties of ego are not helping you with your ascension.

Freedom of thought, belief and expectations require all ties to be cut. Dare to understand that we truly are as perfect as our Creator. Live in the Light. Grow more Light and share more Light with others.

Nurture that bounce in your step. Recognize the freedom that you feel when you cut the ties of negativity. Allow yourself to fly without tethers. Float, soar and dance upon the wind.

Fill every ounce of your being with God’s love. You’ll feel the difference. There will be a total lack of resistence to your travels. Manifest your destiny and fulfill your contract with God.

Get to know yourself without any ties, blocks or barriers and resist the urge to delay your success. Keep trying on a daily basis. Release everything that has traditionally been standing in your way. BECOME your true self and be One with God again. Amen.

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