Your Eyes Shall See

Your eyes are the windows to your world. It is possible to see all advances and opportunities by being available and motivated. Be cautious about what you don’t want to see.

There is far too much violence and aggression for view all around the world. It is best to censor how much of this you allow to filter into your happy, goal-filled life.

How much is too much? We need to know some of the darker news just to be aware of how it may affect our lives. We need to be safe and on guard so we may protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Be alert. Be cautious. Be careful. Learn from the mistakes of others. Do not travel to foreign lands alone. Do not spend the night in an area which feels unsafe. Do not flash money around if you are in an unfamiliar place. Don’t eat food from seemingly dirty or soiled places. Make sure your drinks are not tampered with. Try not to drive into questionable neighborhoods. Make sure people know where you are and who you are with.

There are so many more precautions to take but these are some of the important ones. Be vigilant and know as much about your surroundings as possible. Take good advice and be weary of unfamiliar people and places.

It is honorable to want to visit many places and speak to many people but it is far more important to be safe.

The windows to the world are for greater things than seeing the horrors of strange and unfamiliar roads.

Seek beauty, inspiration and Light. Expand your mind with the depth and width of grace and love. It is ok to know of the suffering of other nations but try to send help with prayer or donations. It is not necessary to see the suffering first-hand to know that it exists.

Take heed when news of tragedy is in the news. Someone has died, another killed, another trapped in a bombed out area. The chart of your life does not include these horrors. God protects his faithful. The Light surrounds us as we gather to send prayer, help and healing to other lands. It IS honorable to stay safe as you send healing to those in need.

As you absorb darkness, there is more darkness within. There is nothing to be gained from this. Have you noticed your mood become sullen as you absorb bad news and suffering from around you? The more preoccupied with people’s loss, crime and violence there is less room for the beauty and glory of God!

Find that balance. Allow enough of the real world into your life so that you are informed and cautious. Limit the burden of pain and suffering. You may feel that this is unrealistic but it truly isn’t. Whatever darkness that is meant to touch your life will, just as you charted it. It isn’t necessary to go beyond healthy limits and find other people’s darkness as well. It does require balance and awareness.

You may venture out into the world to do good for God as long as you don’t absorb the negativity that surrounds you. Stay positive, stay hopeful, remain in the Light. When problems in the world begin to weigh you down, come back to the familiar and recharge your spiritual batteries.

God, angels and guides will protect you as long as you remain grounded in faith. If you become absorbed in darkness your ties to God diminish and you are at risk of random negativity, illness or injury.

Keep an open heart. Send love to all parts of the world. Pray for Light and healing in areas of unrest and violence. It is not necessary to be in danger in order to understand that people are in need.

Allow God to protect you as any good Father would. Do not test your boundaries between being safe and in the Light and being needlessly at risk. The further you travel into the unknown of evil, the more likely you are to turn away from the Light. Let this NOT be your fate!

Absorb what beauty and grace the world has to offer. Keep positive and be cautious of what you allow yourself to see through your windows to the world. Bathe all of your senses in the Glory of God. Be aware of darkness but do not harbor it. Amen.

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