The Impact Upon Mother Earth

(Reminder: my content is channeled. I receive the information posted from guides and higher energies. If it is my own thoughts expressed I will note that and place the statement in parenthesis.)

There is a notable energy swell from within Mother Earth. She has suffered a cataclysmic injury when she was struck by a meteorite. She is harmed in a most profound way. We will see repercussions from this event for years to come.

She has not suffered such a serious impact in many centuries. She is making movements of self-protection and may limit growth in that region for this coming spring.

The reverberation is continuing into her lower layers. She is not routinely prepared for such an intense impact and her very solid layers do not absorb movement as well as loosely packed or liquid materials. She is in dire need of prayer and thoughts of healing.

The outcome of such a large event will be played out in many ways over an extended period of time. There is no set response to this injury. This was not planned or intended. This is a genuine accident.

God and others are gathering to remedy some of the damage. Mother Earth is not responding at this time. It is a period of shock for her. Early next week WE will have a better idea of how to respond to this event. In the mean time please pray and hold good thoughts and intentions for our Mother.

Together we gather to bring healing and hope to our injured Mother. Keep her always in your prayers. Amen.

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