10 Steps to a New Start!

Making that move is a big step. We all struggle with feelings of insecurity and loss. What is the step we are talking about? That new home, new career, new lifestyle, new school, new perspective… This is what you wanted remember?

This is a year for new starts and amazing growth. Help comes from expected channels and also creative, unusual or surprising channels. God and spirit are here to help. Make a plan to achieve your goals. Go as slow or quickly as needed.

Some of us want to take our time and be cautious and prudent. Others want to move fast and spontaneous.

What plan do we need?
1. Always consider your source of income. Do your best to get a new job before leaving your current one.
2. Spend some time investigating your next home. Be sure to take into account the distance and time for commute, neighbors, pets, cost or travel for entertainment, length of commitment, taxes, cost of rent/mortgage/lease, parking, bus routes, storage, cost of utilities, schools in the area…
Remember the last housing bubble? Don’t be caught in a bad situation. Make sure your new living arrangements are affordable for the next 10-20 years. You never know how long you’ll be staying. If the mortgage is over your head…don’t do it! If the neighbor breeds yappy dogs…stay away! If the couple next door throws large, volatile parties…run the other way!
Be cautious and consider everything.
3. Begin that business venture while still employed at your current job. I know this sounds like a lot but you will be able to see if your business venture will support itself before making it your only income. Be smart and have a contingency plan.
4. Move to another area if you have already secured a new job and have housing arranged. If you are single, there may be more options available to you. If you are in a relationship and/or have children, more preparation will be required. This is a big undertaking. Be as careful as need be. You will likely stay with the change if there are few obstacles to overcome.
5. Do your homework before buying that new or newer car. Shop for the best price but also make sure of anticipated costs of insurance, repairs, gas…The initial cost is not the end of it. You will be responsible for this vehicle for years.
Some people get a new job with a good income and make their first large purchase a new/newer car. Then, the job doesn’t pan out for whatever reason. Stay employed long enough to pass your probation and maybe a few evaluation periods before making any big changes to your spending.
6. Research, plan and open your heart. Find new ways of developing your spirituality and expanding your life. Never walk into a situation without knowing what will be involved. Don’t place your safety at risk or end up in an unpredictable situation. Be aware of your surroundings and know where help is in case you need it.
7. Travel is on the rise. Make plans and go where your dreams take you. Start a budget and pray for assistance in getting to some new places. Accept each experience as an adventure that you may learn many things from. Your excitement and desire for more travel will generate positive attraction for more. You’ll begin to “expect” more trips to come. Enjoy!
8. Remain close to family and friends. You came into this life to share with each of your loved ones. There’s value to each relationship in your life. Learn, grow and experience together!
9. Start a garden and learn more about wildlife and other food source options. Be creative. Start to compost. Attend garden groups. Find what works in your area. If you don’t have acres of land there are some options for container gardens as well.
10. Drop everything and find your way back to God. Nurture that relationship and increase the depth and width of your faith. Everything in life comes from God and is provided to you for a purpose. This is a year of hope, wonder and expansion. There are many beautiful goals to attain and many works for God to be completed.

“I am pleased to have met you here at this point in your life. We have come very far and will travel yet even further. Allow HOPE to color your dreams and allow ME to bring you comfort and joy. All this is done in My name. Amen”

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