The Gift of Medical Treatment

(What fun! I have been receiving messages about driving a new car for a few months now. Spirit showed me a silver car and I could tell it was new. Well…my daughter’s car is in the shop and I am driving a loaner because she is too young to drive the rental. It is a brand new 2013 Chevrolet Aveo! Not exactly what I expected but I truly enjoy the humor of this situation. I guess I’ll stop car shopping!!!)

Healing is not always as easy as some people may think. Emotional problems may take years to overcome. Some of us may realize that we have “different” lives than other people but we don’t always know how to make repairs.

Prayer can only help so much. There are times when we really do need some additional input. Spirit does not shun Western Medicine in the least. there are definitely some illnesses that need medical intervention. Spiritual healing may only be partially effective.

God has brought us to this world to learn, grow and experience. He is also responsible for the physicians and scientists who work to treat and cure many illnesses. God brought us all together.

See your Dr. and also heal yourself with alternative therapies. Holistic healing is exactly what answers all of your medical questions. God wishes us to treat ourselves with Western Medicine AND through spiritual practices. He is the Father of all healing.

Many of your diseases have emotional roots. Some of the autoimmune disorders come about through emotional pain and suffering. Cancers have a definite base in darkness and emotional barriers. Much emotional suffering may lead to much physical suffering.

FAITH is a strong remedy in many of the illnesses that are born of emotional stress and trauma. God also wishes that you seek counseling to aid in healing. Your choice of counselor is up to you. It may be a behavior therapist or shaman. Whatever avenue of treatment speaks to you on a deep level.

God also cautions you to remain open-minded about treating yourself as a whole. Do not limit any means by which God and spirit may assist in helping you feel better. Treat your entire self. Mind, body and spirit.

God has brought all of us here to function as extensions of Him. He sent the doctors, mechanics, Reiki Masters, carpenters, ministers, farmers… to aid in our expansion. Healing is a part of that expansion.

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease…exist so God also sent us doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, reflexologists…

We must all work together and remove what illness and disease affect us as a whole. Love for yourself and others includes a desire for good health and well-being. God would not leave us here without all the support we need. Healing is very much possible if you have faith and an open mind. You may be very surprised from where some opportunities for true healing will come from.

It is true that some of us will suffer from permanent disabilities or even life ending illness. The experience is about us grasping our situation and being open to spiritual help as well as modern treatment modalities. Always look for God. Do not harbor anger or resentment but instead offer gratitude for the experience which expanded your soul.

This difficult illness or injury caused you to deepen your faith and develop immeasurable wisdom. You stand out as a role model for others to admire and learn from. God blessed us with this special type of growth. He loves us so much that He wants us to find our inner strength and overcome many of these challenges. Like any Father, He wants us to be successful in all areas of life.

Please don’t question the intent of God to introduce us to disease. This is all a part of the earth experience. Take comfort and have faith.

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