Renew Mother

Beneath the auspicious trees lies a gift of immense treasure. We know not how valuable the earth and the trees are to our existence. We carry on and we “assume” that all is cared for and we have but to accept the gift of God’s grace without acknowledging His true wonder.

We take far too much for granted. How valuable is the air we breathe? How treasured is the water we drink that also nourishes many growing things? How far will we go, in our haste, to use our resources to their end?

God has once said to us, “You know not the true value of the Earth and her treasures. You use her and her bounty in haste and know not the havoc that you bring upon her. You must consider your wasteful ways and instead use her gifts wisely and replace much of what you have taken. She lives only to support and nourish YOU. Do not lie waste to her bosom. She is near her limit of overuse. Keep one eye upon your path for your spirit and another eye upon your earthly home. Use not what you don’t need and develop alternatives to what has been brought to you thus far.”

“This is your task and your treaty. Allow her to rejuvenate and grow whole again. For if she is gone, where would you make your home?”

This is an auspicious year for restarts and renewals. This year has many gifts which are water related. For many of us we will seek water at different times throughout this year.

It may be a trip to a beach or river. Some water sports or events. It may also be utilizing water as an alternate source of energy. Keep this post in the back of your mind and make note of the different water related activities that you and your family engage in.

Always include Mother Earth in your prayers. Make certain to bless her hollowed ground and life-giving water. Plant healthy things and replace nutrients in the soil. Make giving thanks and renewing the earth’s resources a priority.

Without her there is no us! Make plans to include Mother Earth in our traditions of celebration and thankfulness. As we learn our lessons this year make certain to include thoughts of restoring the earth to a more healthy, time-honored state.

“She is our rock upon which we stand.” Amen.

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