Making Each Moment Count

We are busy beings. We have charted many goals and sub-goals and ancillary-goals. We packed many tasks into one lifetime. Is it any wonder that we may lose sight of some of them? It is a lot like packing your bags for a trip. Once you get there, did you remember this or that?

Some of us are planners and others like to be spontaneous. Either way is ok except if, in the end, you don’t accomplish what you came here to do.

How well are you doing so far? How many goals are attained and how many are still left to be accomplished? Are you at the point in life that you expected to be? Or, have you gotten side tracked?

By increasing your connection to spirit, you may get a more accurate assessment of the progress that you are making in this life. Open your channels and allow spirit to guide you. You may find yourself changing directions altogether! In fact, you may be surprised where your true path will actually lead you!

Another way to judge your progress is to consult a psychic/medium. There are many who have decided to be spiritual advisors. Just make certain that they are channeling messages from spirit and not giving you their personal advice.

Another avenue for becoming more closely aligned with your true life purpose is to join a meditation circle, spiritual classes or psychic development classes. Please don’t limit your possibilities to just these few ideas. There is a vast amount of groups and courses that will help you actualize your higher self.

Take classes in Reiki, reflexology, Wicca, shamanism, yoga, pendulums, herbs, crystals, astrology… There is a world of possibilities! Find what subjects speak to your interests and strengths. You may also study some other religions and choose which beliefs and practices fit with who you are. Martial arts have spiritual aspects to them!

Broaden your boundaries and bring more experiences into your life. God is amazing! You may join one group and meet and become familiar with people who lead you to another group. Finding people of like-mind is a powerful step in self-actualization!

We all want to know that we are not alone. There are people who share our views on many differing aspects of life. Find them! The energy of a group is far more powerful than the energy of one person alone.

This is an important journey that we have decided to embark upon. There are road signs and detours as well as spans of smooth sailing! How are we doing? What areas do we need to focus upon? How do we find that next exit on our highway?

Reach that beautiful meditative state and allow God and spirit to give you all the help they promised to give to you. Surround yourself with angels. Ask them to lead you to your next goal. the Universe agreed to work with you and guide you through your chart. The only fallible part is you and your faith!

Try to distinguish 4 goals from all of your thoughts and feelings. Make sure that they are positive and full of Light. What would God have you do? It may not be that new home or that expensive car. It may be volunteering at a nursing home or building homes for those less fortunate. What goals would God set before you?

Don’t forget that just being happy and at peace is also important. If you love to garden then you are filling your neighborhood with positive feelings! If you express joy while riding your bike, this also fills the world with love! Creating art or short stories may also be a goal since it gives you happiness and a sense of accomplishment! Fill the world with love by doing things that you enjoy!

The only goals which God would not provide would be of greed, anger, manipulation, theft, fraud, substance abuse…It should be easy to set 4 goals while avoiding negativity and darkness.

Begin today. Use the positive energy that swirls around us. Set some goals and take action toward achieving them. Find love, comfort and success in God’s world. Be active in the Light and work to create more Light.

Remain within the rays of God’s Light and become your Divine, Higher Self.

All our love. Amen.

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