A Burst of the Divine!

Circumstances are changing rapidly. There is a large influx of positive energy that many spiritual people are sensing. There will be ample opportunity for rapid growth and a build up of momentum for positive changes.

Along with this burst will be some feelings of instability. We will be buffeted by waves of energy and we may feel as if we will lose balance. The best way to handle this is to be grounded and centered.The most important preparation is to be OPEN!

Release all of your expectations and preconceived notions. Imagine yourself as covered in cob webs. They are fine and sticky. Every movement causes a ripple effect. You feel weighed down.

Visualize a release of those webs. Imagine them dropping to the floor and being swept away by the gentle gust of new energy. Do whatever imagery you wish to clear your being of all of these attachments.

Be active and celebrate. Visualize yourself without any debris on or around you. Sense true freedom to begin anew and choose your own movement and path.

Cut all ties and allow new energy to fill your being. Loosen your grip upon whatever it is you are clinging to. Relax and believe!

Remember that when one door closes another will open. So, open your doors! All of them. Do not allow your fear to stop this progress that will shoot through your being. Open and be available for change. Banish all fear and expectations. The life for you that God has intended wants to manifest NOW!

All manner of gifts will rush to meet you! Weight loss, better health, a new job, a better car, more friends…There is no limit to what may be accomplished at this time in our evolution.

Be open and acknowledge your blessings. Always remember to give thanks. And more importantly, don’t go back to your restricted way of thinking. You just cut those ties, don’t re-attach them!

Walk hand-in-hand with your guides. Welcome this new era of possibilities. Believe AND expect that many unimaginable gifts are coming to you, air mail!

Sit quietly. Relax. resist the urge to wonder about a great many things. Simply be still. Spirit will come to your side and give you notions about all of the different avenues of success that are available to you now.

Connect with them. Commune with these beautiful guides who love you so dearly. Ask questions. Get answers. OPEN to the Glory of God!

It is true that your life may take some unexpected turns but this is as God would have it. We charted this adjustment. We asked to be awakened from our stagnant slumber. We wanted this chance to change our course to follow our charts more accurately. This is the gift that we have been waiting for!

You have learned so much these past few weeks. Now is the time to release fear and adopt new ways of thinking and doing. Accept what we have to offer you. Bow and say grace. Hold out your hands and receive the bounty of our Lord, Our God, Our Savior.

Wake up to a new day of hopes and dreams. Your eyes will see much more clearly and your heart will feel so much more intimately. Accept this Divine Path and CELEBRATE!

Love lives in your heart and knows no other God. Amen.

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