The Gift of Communication

(I did my own Family Portrait yesterday and I gained so much insight and direction. I am super enthusiastic!)

Here we are now , with all the bells and whistles. We have come a long, long way and we must now take heed before deciding our next direction.

We have explored some more interesting and in-depth instruction in healing and now we will focus upon spirit communication.

To hear your guide and departed loved ones, you need to open to a different type of communication. If you want to speak to a departed loved one it is best to hold a picture of them in order to direct your communication more effectively. If you want to speak to a guide you must first become more proficient at reaching a meditative state.

To connect with a loved one, envision them in your mind’s eye. Be as specific as possible. If they smoked a pipe, remind yourself of that particular smell. If they loved roses, imagine a rose fragrance as if you were sitting in a room full of them. Think about what will connect you to them best. If Uncle liked to fish, imagine sitting on a dock with your own line in the water and ask him to join you. Be creative. Send loving intent and they will respond in kind.

Speaking to your guide requires a much deeper and focused intent. If possible, learn their name and the color that they adorn themselves in. If music is your passion, imagine a bright, fluid blue. If healing is your focus, imagine an emerald-green setting. Carpentry is orange. Growing plants and vegetables is yellow.

To find your corresponding color find a reputable chakra chart and discover the color that relates best to the passion(s) of your life. It is simple. Please don’t be discouraged.

Sit quietly and surround yourself with the color of your choosing. Make certain it is crystal clear and bright. Muddy or cloudy colors are NOT suggested. Visualize someone sitting directly across from you. Look closely at their face and their features. Make the image more detailed and clear. Reach out and hold their hand if you like.

Sit quietly and get accustomed to the sensation.

Begin speaking to them. Try not to lose your connection when they speak to you since it may be unsettling at first. If you wish, connect a golden cord from your solar plexus to theirs. Just be prepared for a boost in connectivity!

Guides are adorned in the color of their choosing and it directly represents their area of focus in your life. Their facial features are human but their skin is unnaturally smooth. Their eyes are large and stunning with color. It is as if you may travel a thousand miles into their eyes and still not reach an end. You may gaze into their eyes and sense an entire universe embodied there. It is truly beautiful!

Allow them to appear as they wish. If they come in drapes and robes, do your best not to dress them in denim! Accept them as they are and do not judge them by their appearance. They may be male or female but others have more androgynous appearances. Relax. They accept you just as you are so please allow them the same respect.

It may take a few tries to connect effectively with them. Once you feel more secure in your connection you may send and receive information freely.

Always remain in the Light. Surround yourself in White Light and ask angels and guides to keep you safe. As you speak to spirit, keep the area clean and clear. Darker energies may try to enter and play havoc with your life and emotions.

Never trust that this communication is safe and secure. Always be diligent with self-protection. If your conversation with loved ones or spirit takes a strange, fearful or unusual turn, then you have probably allowed a darker energy into your space. End the interaction at once. the next time you attempt to reconnect make sure all of your self-protection is securely in place.

You have a “gatekeeper.” This is a guide specifically assigned to keep darker energies from getting close to you. Ask your gatekeeper to keep all of your spirit communication safe before entering into that meditative state. Remember to give them your permission or they will likely be ineffective. They require your permission to act on your behalf.

Enjoy this gift that God has given to you. Speak to loved ones and guides and learn many more levels of information about yourself. This is another step toward dropping all of the barriers and walls that will in turn make your spiritual growth possible.

Open to God and spirit! We all came into this life together and it is intended for you to use your guides to help navigate this incarnation. Trust that God does provide and intimate guidance is a part of the journey.

Love. Be loved. Share love. Enjoy the gift of the communication of love!

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