It’s Not About The Benjamins

There is more to life than making money. We have been brain washed into believing that nothing else matters. Where will we be in life if money isn’t at the top of our priority list? Likely much further ahead spiritually.

We have had the idea of money meaning everything ingrained in us from a very young age. We learned this from our parents who in turn learned it from their parents and so-on. It is, in realty, much more important to complete your life goals and ascend closer to your higher self with each incarnation.

There are lifetimes when money is a goal but this is more accurately about finding a higher purpose despite wealth.

What does this mean? It is a frequent goal for one to have either inherited or accumulated wealth and still be able to find God. Often, people of means lose sight of the bigger purpose. They become insulated to the truth that they are fallible and in need of spiritual guidance just as anyone else does. They begin to feel above others and out of touch with the menial conditions of life.

They also feel that they may make any negative or upsetting situation disappear by investing money into it and making it go away. There is however some truth to this.

The goal of this financially successful life is to find God and spirit. To give to others and perform charitable actions often. The downfall is to live with opulence and to neglect to teach the next generation how to be mindful and prudent. The excesses of one generation feed into the extreme excesses of the next.

Wealth is possible in a spiritual life. Many have done and continue to accomplish this balancing act. In fact, you probably know some of them. Let this person be your role model. Recognize that personal comfort is possible and yet still provide for others. There are many people of great wealth who donate large amounts of money to many varied causes. This is as God would have it be done.

The reality of this circumstance is that once you release all “need” for excessive wealth, more money will naturally come to you. By shifting your focus to “success” and “prosperity” instead of cashing in, you will allow more financial resources to accumulate.

In this age of 5D, attachments are not conducive to success. By “releasing” and “allowing,” so much more is actually possible. This is the conundrum of the 5D existence; learning to let go of your needs and desires. You must also lose the open-mindedness that you have suffered from. Have faith. BELIEVE. The Universe will provide.

Release what you would insist that God do for you and instead allow Him to do what is intended. Many people would fear this shift of intentions. It may feel like skydiving without a parachute. In actuality it is the definition of FAITH in God. Trust that what you came here to do was intended and therefore natural. God will follow through on his end. The unreliable partner is us!

By letting go of preconceived notions of success we will actually expand what is possible in our lives. Perhaps we came here to be a healer but we are instead crunching numbers as an accountant. Or, you wanted to cure cancer and instead you are selling cars. By cutting all of your attachments you may be able to find your true life purpose.

Then, make a transition. Don’t quit everything all at once! It is possible to be financially stable and seek the greater truth as well. Once you have found your life purpose you will again feel the flow of energy with you. It will no longer feel like you are fighting the current or battling to go upstream. Truth happens without struggle. It flows freely. What you need comes to you without hesitation.

You have experienced this many times. Perhaps you didn’t realize the significance. Some days you struggle through every task. Other days what you need flows to you seamlessly. This is the difference between being on your path or not. Some may experience a longer length of time where everything is a struggle. If things have been difficult for more than a year then something needs to change!

Find your center. Pray and meditate. Ask for the direction that would have you find some relief. Remember that money is NOT the goal of your life. There are far greater things to do.

This one lifetime is not the sum total of your existence. There were many and there will be many more. Upon your return Home you will review what you have completed in this lifetime. It matters what you have accomplished. It is important that you have done God’s Will. We wish for you to live for others as well as living for yourself.

Lose your “needs” and “must-haves” and choose instead to worship and believe! You are a part of a much bigger picture. Find that goal and trust that it wasn’t about chasing the dollar.

“Return to Me and together we will heal the world.” Amen.

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