Sample Family Portrait



This is a sample of a family portrait. The guides are numbered and I would give you a descripton of the guide and their focus in your life. Often I am able to give names as well.

There may also be some family members included. They would appear in the same manner above and would be numbered as well. It is possible to give their reason for being with you at this time and any possible messages they have for you.

Once we begin this dialog it is possible for you to continue to ask for direction and input from spirit into your life circumstances.

Always remember that I am not the speaker. I channel your guides and loved ones. It is far too easy for people to feel that I am speaking personally or in some way judging you. This is not possible since I have no idea who you are!

Sometimes the information is sensitive or painful. Again, it isn’t me but rather your guides letting you know the problem areas in your life and they are offering you ways to overcome these issues. Spirit knows your whole life, it may be sensitive.

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