More Healing Lights!

The color healing exercise from yesterday went well. We now want to go in a different direction altogether.

Today we will discuss astral healing. This is the process by which you will heal someone when they are in a different location from you. This is much easier than you think and will be miraculously successful!

Imagine being able to help your mother heal from a heart attack or your son heal from a sports injury at school or your aunt who has the flu and lives in another state!

Use a photo of the person you wish to pray for. If you don’t have a photo do your best to visualize them in your mind’s eye. Be specific about the area of injury. If they hurt their knee imagine the knee and begin to offer the colors of healing that we spoke of yesterday.

Likely with an injury the area will be red. With an illness you would want to “view” the area involved such as the lung or kidney or heart…whatever body organ or system that is affected.

Infuse the area with white, gold or emerald-green light. Imagine the colors of injury or illness flushing out as the healthy colors move in. Keep doing this until you have a definite sense that you have changed the area for the better.

You may also say a prayer of healing and also wish for the sufferer to feel better and have more health and vital energy. Ask God to watch over them in their time of need. You may even send them some angels to stay with them while they recuperate.

This is all so simple and easy. Please don’t feel overwhelmed.

Imagine all the possibilities! When your loved one goes for surgery you may help to heal the area both before and after! Help someone survive the flu! Help your uncle relieve the pain from kidney stones! There is no limit to what you may do.

Give it a try and have faith. No one needs to know that you are even doing this especially if you feel embarrassed in any way. Trust your guides and God to give you an accurate representation of the affected area. If you are helping to heal a heart it may start out bathed in red. Then it may seem more yellow. Then it may start to appear light shade of lime green. Then, eventually you will see the green deepen in color and intensity. Your goal is emerald-green.

Remember that you are here for a very specific reason. For 1. you believe in God. 2. You are probably a natural healer and were brought to this site for this purpose. 3. You want your loved ones to feel good and thrive and any opportunity to help them is ok with you.

Walk beside us and assume your place at the head of the table. You have begun a spiritual journey long before now. It is time for you to take this additional step and bring Light to all others around you. As you study with us, your spiritual energy is growing at a fantastic rate. Of course we will help you and attempt to keep you well as you do God’s work.

Attempt to sense the energy around you. Have you noticed some odd noises or unusual occcurances?Have things been running smoothly recently? Are blessings piling up at your feet? This is us. This sequence of events is the best way that we could develop so that you will know you are on the right path!

Welcome! Welcome seers and healers. Welcome loving friends and neighbors! Ask for a sign and you shall receive! Our love for you is overflowing while we engage in this process. We have so much more to teach you so please keep in touch.

You may wonder “Why now?” This is 5D! The heaviness of Earth and all of its ties are gone. Rejoice!

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