The Miracle of Love

Many of you are natural healers. You have followed a certain path and may have been brought to this site for a specific reason. We are here to teach you as we agreed to do prior to your incarnation. We are called “guides” and this is definitely accurate.

We have influence upon differing areas of your life. Some of us focus upon your health, others focus upon relationships, more still focus upon past-life issues that have come to manifest trouble in this lifetime.

What we wish to focus on now is healing. You are able to improve someone’s health or emotional state simply by sending them love.

Imagine a person in your mind’s eye. Surround them with White Light. Be sure to envelope their entire being which includes the front, sides, back and inside. Any amount of Light will help but we would like you to make the most positive impact upon this person.

You may hold this image in your mind’s eye and then say a prayer of healing. Do not set specific requirements or means. Please keep your prayer general so that spirit may decide the best approach to meeting your wishes. By placing specifics upon the request you will decrease the efficiency of the healing.

Do this as often as desired. Spirit may develop a way of giving you updates on how the person is feeling. You may get a call from this person stating that they feel better or their health has improved. You may also be shown different colors or images when visualizing them. Green is healing. Emerald green is ideal. If you are shown a light green area then you may imagine shifting that color to a darker, richer emerald-green, which would signify progress toward healing more completely.

Red is obviously something painful. Black is not positive. It may be a blockage or serious illness in the area it covers. Muddy colors show impaired functioning or illness.

Blue is creativity and communication so a blue area may tell you that you’ve effectively sent a healing message. Or, if the area is a creativity or communication center it may represent a return to good health. Purple is spirit. A purple area shows some communication or interaction with spirit. Purple ears signifies hearing or listening to spirit.

Gold is for God and Mother God. Use gold freely! Gold colors may also become muddy as well so renew your visualizations often.

For now we won’t worry about where the muddiness or darkness goes. We will discuss that at a later time. For now, let it wash away as you flush the area with brighter, more healthy colors.

Send loving energy and say a prayer of healing. Pay attention to responses or cues that you have helped this person in some way. Or, you may have to rely on faith that you have helped them. Keep the colors bright and vibrant. Change any muddy or dark colors to a brighter, clearer hue.

This is so simple yet effective. Your energy and Light will be brighter because you have sent love and God’s healing to another.

This is another step to increasing the Light we have in our world. Send love. Send God. Trust that you have improved our lives in some way!

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