Evalene Speaks

My departed paternal grandmother is Evalene. She is a traditional Seneca healer and wants me to expand myself into providing more help to all others.
She has called me out and she is %100 accurate.
I am able to provide a numerous amount of services.
1. psychic reading
2. energy healing
3. pet reading
4. a “Family Portrait” which is an image of you and all of your guides including some names and their purpose for being with you
5. a spirit guide portrait which is a drawing of your main guide
6. spiritual counseling which is life direction provided by your guides and deceased loved ones

Please email me at lisa.lwoc@gmail.com
There is no charge.
My grandmother would love it if you allow me to assist you.
I work with some people now and my accuracy is pretty good. At some point I may expand my site and include some testimonials. In the interim I still need my day job.

Love All, Lisa!

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