5 Goals for this Time of Renewal

The Song of Love is going well! Please post a note or other reminder so that you will remember to be thankful and positive every day. Without a reminder you will likely fall into a habit of lower thinking again.

We are now entering a time of renewal or perhaps more accurately a New Year. This is a good time to set some goals. It is traditionally a complex thing to do but this year we will cut some corners so you may set some goals that God and your guides would recommend.

1. Give to others. Plan to give 10% of your earnings to charity. Look at your year-end statements and figure out what is 10% of your total income then set a plan to give this in one lump sum or at intervals. Include it in your monthly calendar.
Decide where to donate and how much you plan to give to each cause.

2. Get routine health care. No exceptions! If you have no health problems, get a yearly physical. If you have medical conditions, get a check up at least every 3 months. Don’t let your health care slide. How are you able to do God’s work if you are unwell or have a shortened life?
Take multivitamins and get regular exercise. Make sure you are able to exercise before you start any amount of physical activity. Drink plenty of water and cut back on fat and red meats.

3. Journal. Write about your thoughts and feelings as often as necessary. Some write daily. Others, less often but we recommend journaling at least 2-3 times per week.
This is an important way to release any blocked energy or emotions. By writing or in any way expressing it, you release it from your cells and allow the Light to resolve it. Keeping it inside only leads to darkness and illness. Many medical conditions are commonly caused by stagnant, negative energy.
Get it out! Speak it! Shout it! Let it go!

4. Pray. Give all your thoughts and dreams to God and others from the Light. By acknowledging your feelings, God is able to give you an answer or at the very least, some direction.
This is an open avenue of communication that is initiated by you. By praying, God knows that you are seeking His love, guidance, and acceptance. This is a special time between you and Your Creator. Pray as often as you wish but daily at the very least.
Use reminders to prompt you. You will definitely notice a profound increase in ease and clarity in your daily life. Inviting God into your day brings a dramatic increase in your spiritual strength and success!

5. Let go of the small stuff. There are so many things that are too petty for you to waste your time thinking about. Let it go. If it is something you can’t change then spend no time or energy focusing on it. Accept it, understand that it is outside of your control and give it to God.
Even simply releasing it to God will help to resolve it and the influence it has upon you. It will feel empowering to acknowledge only the things that really matter. You are that beautiful and that successful. Every small detail does not require your attention. TRUST that all is well and then it will be. This is the Law of Attraction! Understand this and use it to your benefit.

Thank you for being so attentive to our efforts to promote your success and well-being. There is so much more we have to say but there is only so much we may give to you at one time. We must allow you time to contemplate it and assimilate it into your way of being.

Our love for you is immense. Let us walk this way together, just as God would have us do. We are one and we only want love and success for you.


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