The Song of Love

Have you ever been so in love that you sing? Have you been lost in the wonder of how beautiful the world is and how perfect your life is?

This is your goal! Work toward this state of emotional wellbeing. Remove all the barriers to expressing and feeling love. This euphoria is how it feels to be in sync with God.

When you are in this state of divine appreciation, little things don’t bother you. Even some moderate problems may not bother you as well. When you are truly feeling complete love, even some large issues may seem completely manageable.

Work toward your goal every day. Go on a rampage of appreciation. Everything you see, touch and feel is perfect. All is well and there are no obstacles that you won’t overcome.

Beauty! Grace! Love! Guidance! Acceptance!

Remind yourself throughout your day to again spout all of your love and appreciation for this world and your role in it!

The more you do this the better your mood. Your problem solving skills will be impeccable. Your overall attitude will be monumental.

Start today. Find everything to love and nothing to slow you down. Make a promise to try this approach for an entire week. At the end of the week make an honest evaluation of how you feel. If you feel better than before you began, keep it up!

This prescription is free and has no undesirable side effects!

If you still have a sullen mood have you considered counseling? Talk to a therapist, psychiatrist or your medical doctor. Do whatever is best to improve your approach on life.

Many issues that are now causing darkness in your life have been developed in childhood. It may be necessary to revisit some portion of your life in order to find the key to relieving the sadness that is impacting you now. It is well worth the effort. If you are just trying to “manage” and hold things together then a better, long-lasting solution may be needed.

We all need love! Sometimes love isn’t the cure for everything that ails us. Pray, journal, find support and get some exercise (if this is not medically contraindicated.) Sometimes your diet can cause depressed moods.

Begin here. This is the first goal that your guides have given you. Find love and appreciation everywhere. Be thankful for all things in life, good or bad. Know that this is a part of the plan and we knew we would all be here at this very moment.

We are here to guide you. Allow us to show you all the love and attention that we promised to you. Follow the goals that we give you and if you need more help we will guide you toward that as well!

Believe in us as we believe in you! Amen.

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