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Follow us and not your fear. we make many opportunities for you to discover and strengthen your faith. Some have chosen to follow this guidance, others have chosen to follow the path of lower goals.

We do not chide you when we state that this is not your only earth life. You are an eternal being and have been here or another learning sight many times. Each incarnation you set some goals and meticulously set the means to obtain those goals.

Likely, your first few lifetimes were about lower level goals such as health, honesty, and personal strength. Then you may have chosen goals about relationships, children and career. Then you may have focused upon life goals, spirituality and faith. Beyond that you would have addressed goals that you failed to achieve or goals that you may have missed.

Then, future lifetimes would be established to meet more specific goals and to tempt you with wealth, popularity, and choices between a spiritual path or a path of greed and ignorance.

We are always here beside you. We agreed to assist you with your chosen goals and we have never turned away from you.

Many barriers include, but are not limited to, drugs, alcohol, violence, vanity, lying, poor health, life goals that were never achieved, unresolved grief, anger, dysfunction, darkness, selfishness, and mental illness.

Count on us to guide you. This is our purpose in your life. By being cleansed and cleared you will be more receptive to our efforts.

Start by setting a goal to abolish all of your negative behavior. Find faith in yourself and God. Be grounded and open to spirit.

Working with a spiritual advisor will help. You need to find a reputable psychic/medium who will help you detangle your true life purpose from your ego needs.

There are many more roads for us to travel and having a clear path will create more growth and success. Be mindful of God’s Will and resist distraction by your personal will.

There is true purpose to this life. Always consider that the direction that you may be travelling may not be where you intended to go. Each of us has a higher purpose. Remove and resolve all barriers to this purpose as early in life as possible. Then, you’ll have so much more time to raise yourself up closer to God.

We stand beside you and mark your efforts in gilded cloth. It is this cloth that makes your true goals so much easier to find. Work closely with one who may read what is written upon that cloth and may also know what your guides are speaking to you. Find the one you may trust. Ask for guidance in finding this psychic/medium.

We are here to be of service. Our hearts and your’s beat as one. We are invested in your spiritual success!

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