Most Invested Guidance from Us!

Bare foot in the sand. Do you see where you came from? Have you logged all those miles? Is your path straight and purposeful or does it meander and lag at times?

How easy it would be if we could see our path in great detail and mark each lesson and goal we have achieved. Would we be pleased or concerned?

That would depend upon our individual traits. One person may enjoy the journey just for the sake of it. Another may be frustrated by the lost or wasted time. We may each look back and appraise our progress. Your guides may also help you to mark each lesson if that is what you would wish. Most of us would be happy just to know that we are still in the game. We are alive and in some way moving, whether it is forward or otherwise.

Where do you want to go from here? What is on your list of goals that you have yet to accomplish? Are you headed in the right direction? Will you complete your path before you return home?

Most of you are less willing to place so much pressure on yourself. Your goals may be about money and wealth and you are completely Ok with that. You have not suffered that sudden, unexpected event that would have you question your direction in life. Whether it is an accident or serious illness. It may also be a death of a loved one or perhaps a catastrophic event in nature (i.e. Sandy, wild fires…) It may also be a friend or loved one suffering from cancer or some debilitating illness.

Why do you have to wait for that life-changing event? Why not adjust your direction and life goals now? God and you had written that shake up moment in your chart in case you were not able to fully align with your path by then. None of us have to let our life direction go until that ah-ha moment. We may choose to be proactive instead of reactive.

It is as simple as planning your life with attention to details. You want some savings, some health insurance, and homeowners or renter’s insurance. You maintain your auto and some appliances in your home. You also may plan for a short-term illness such as who will take care of your home or your children or even your pets or plants. This is an acceptable level of diligence on your behalf.

Attuning to your chart would be just as responsible and prudent. Begin with prayer. Spend time attempting to meditate until you reach that beautiful state that you’ve heard about. Then, meditate daily. Then be centered and grounded. Make small changes. A vast overhaul is not recommended. Small steps are fine.

Find your alignment with God and all of your Heavenly Hosts. Examine your goals in life and ask yourself if this is what God would have you do? Wealth and prosperity is ok as long as you devote yourself to God’s Will as well.

Many of you plan for many expected and unexpected events in life. Fine tune your chart also. Make your spirituality something that you also plan for and review intermittently. Review your life goals every time you change the oil in your car! Or when you get a haircut! Or when you pay your rent! This may sound silly but spirit wants you to accept that your spirituality is also something that needs your attention routinely.

Put it on your monthly to-do list!

You are here on this site for a reason. Your guides have likely brought you here and wish for you to receive direction and enlightenment. The words are stated as such for you to receive input from spirit. The examples made should pique your interest or at least cause you to think. This interaction is but one of God’s ways to help you along your way.

You are welcome here. You are loved. Your guides have gathered together to share what direction they feel will be most helpful for you at this time. Ask questions. Seek more information. Engage in this process. The fact that you are here is proof that spirit does guide you!

Look again at the post “Clearing Your Space” and communicate directly with your departed loved ones and guides! This was posted for you! Connect with them and seek direction and affirmations. “Let the Process Work!”

Love and most invested guidance from Us! Welcome to this place of learning and healing. We brought you here for a purpose.

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