Being Jesus

Be Jesus for the day. Be Jesus for the week. Be Jesus as often as you wish and especially in times of struggle and turmoil.

Look at the behavior of a man who wanted only to serve God and to touch all lives around him in a loving and nurturing way. he spoke to each soul as if they were a king. He stooped to speak to the unwell in the street. He gave of himself until he had nothing more to give and then he still gave more.

This is a profound example of the lives we may lead in the Glory of God. We too may give of ourselves and think of others first and foremost. We too may minister to the unwell and offer comfort and sustenance to the poor. We too may gather and pray to Heaven for world healing and the end of struggle for all of God’s children.

What would be more humble and perfect than this? Nothing. This is our most basic lesson. This is a profound truth that all other growth and improvement may be placed upon.

God sent us himself in human form. This is an example for us to follow. Why not do as God would have us do? Why not believe that we may also be God incarnate?

All of earth’s religions may be as simple as this. We are not lost and without direction. We have a Divine plan for us to live by. There are immensely fewer questions about our purpose and direction for our lives than we realize.

What Would Jesus Do? Simple.

Walk among all others. Feel not above anyone. Hurt no one. Live honestly and humbly. Heal others. Teach others. Honor your family. Walk in the Light.

Your behavior is a choice. Choose to be honest. Choose to be genuine. Choose to grow and mature and ascend closer to Heaven. Choose to be grateful. Choose happiness. Choose success. Choose to respect yourself and others. Choose to heal and be healed.

Love is the particle inside all good and holy behavior. Love lives in your God Center too. Love must be the root of all of your choices and actions.

Clear away any debris and confusion. Each decision in life is so very simple and yet profound. What would Jesus do?

Live as he lived. Love as he loved. Honor God every day. Be humble yet AMAZING!

Our path is very clear and we have only to step in the footfalls that Jesus walked before us.

God loves us as he loved his only Son. We truly have the same potential to walk this earth and leave hope and healing in our wake.

Love others and BE loved. For that is as God intended. Amen.

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