Clearing Your Space

Sit quietly and calm your inner voice. Resist all distractions and focus inward. Your “God Center” is in your solar plexus at the center of your being. Imagine a great golden light coming from that God Center.

Build upon that light until it is glowing with health and vitality. Press this light outward until it fills all of your being. Then go further and press it out of your human boundary and into the area around you.

Push until you have surrounded yourself with golden light with least one foot past your physical boundary. Go further if you wish. You may feel the increase in confidence and stability. You may also feel the unmistakable connection to God and spirit.

It really is this easy.

When you become more adept at this process we will teach you more about cleansing specific colors and flushing out any muddy or cloudy areas. For now, this is sufficient.

For a connection to spirit you will focus upon your third eye, ears and crown. Imagine an amythest purple light in your 3rd eye. From there push out all blocks and barriers in your ears and crown. Imagine a geiser of purple light bursting from these 3 areas of your head.

Keep the burst flowing until you feel that all of the muddiness and debris are fully flushed out.

Increase your focus into a more meditative state and be certain to maintain these purple areas. Remain calm no matter what your feelings or emotions. Keep this quiet state for as long as you wish.

This is your connection to spirit. Don’t block or barricade any part of your being. ALLOW God and spirit to freely provide you with divine guidance and feelings of well-being.

Be certain to ground and center yourself or you’ll blissfully float away. You’ll sense a deep calm and intense relaxation. This is what you are looking for. Stay there as long as you wish and never forget how easy it was to find that place.

Remind yourself daily to reopen your connection to the Universe. Without due diligence you’ll gradually accept feelings and emotions of darkness and decay. Leave a note for yourself to be grounded, centered and available to divine guidance. Remember the golden aura too! Always start from deep inside and thoroughly wash every particle of your being.

Amythest purple 3rd eye, ears and crown! Put your seatbelts on and be happy to communicate directly with God and all of your Heavenly Hosts!

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