Allow the “System” to Work

Being grateful is an important goal of anyone’s life. Set some time aside to review your blessings and find a deep connection from which to express your appreciation.
God knows your heart. Being modest and thankful is recommended. The Universe has a way of setting you back just when you begin to get too arrogant and “expect” all that you need.
Ego is in direct conflict with your soul growth. It is as if you had spent an extended amount of time teaching someone a skill. You’ve been conscientious and diligent on their behalf. You’ve spent many hours offering good advice and top-notch direction. Then, they walk away and don’t even say thank you. They go about their business and don’t acknowledge all that you have done for them. They use the skills that you taught them to impress others and make themselves a better life.
This is how you treat spirit when you are not thankful. They wish no ill will but they also know that you haven’t properly matured enough to appreciate the gifts you have in your life. They will stand beside you at all times but even they are not able to function properly when surrounded by ego and dysfunction.
Clear your connection to God. Release all of your ego needs and become more genuine and caring. Faith will carry you much further if you act in accordance with God’s Will.
Have you had a role model who is truthful, energetic and generous? Why not be that same someone to others in your life? The characteristics that you find impressive and genuine would look great on you as well. Do your best not to idolize someone who is underhanded, misleading and manipulative. These are not the goals of your God-centered life!
Look for the good in yourself and others. Open your channels to spirit and offer thanks for everything that is good in your life. When you are able to achieve this amount of gratitude you may then try to be thankful for ALL of things that you experience in life, good and bad.
Allow spirit to “guide” you. They have eons of experience and wish only for you to remain upon your path and complete the goals you have set for yourself. Do your best to clear the air around you and allow them to function as God intended.

If you sense that you are going off your path again, realign yourself and renew your connection to God and spirit. This is a perfect system of support and guidance if you allow it to work!

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