No More Looking Back

Grief is sadness that has found a place within you to hold and keep frozen. It has no purpose. There are no reasons in God’s world to harbor feelings of loss or loneliness. Everything has had its time and place. If others are no longer here then it means that they fulfilled their purpose and have returned home.

People spend far too much time regretting things of the past. it is as if you wish to live in years past and no longer seek your path or higher purpose. You have given up on finding true love and true Light.

The past is not a pleasant place. That is where we keep all of our “woulds” and “shoulds.” The past is intended to be behind you. It is where you learned, experienced and decided what is most important for you to become. There is no earthly reason to live there!

Keep moving forward. Stop replaying events that will not change no matter how many times you review it in your mind. It is done. there are no do-overs for what has already happened. The best we may have is to not repeat those same mistakes again.

Moving forward is in God’s plan. Eyes forward. Hearts forward. Hopes and dreams forward.

Honor who you used to be. Give your past it’s proper dues then move on. How much of your chart will you leave unfinished because you grieve all that you perceive you have lost?

We lose things for a purpose. We either replace them with something better or we realize that it wasn’t very dear to us after all. There are so many aspects of human life. Only one is the downfall of grief.

If you wish to remember each person that is now lost to you then display a photo and keepsake to remind you of them. Gaze at it as often as you wish to keep their memory alive then go about your day of achieving great things in the Name of God.

We wish not to admonish you for having fond memories of loved ones. Our intent here is to remind you that you will brought together once again in the afterlife. They honestly will not state to you, “you should have spent more time grieving my loss.” They may more likely state,”why did you miss me so? I just got here myself!” And possibly,”How much have you left undone by dwelling upon my passing?” Sure you will get a hug and kiss but perhaps that is the moment you realize that grief did nothing to serve you, your loved ones or God.

This was all written. Each of us engaged our loved ones and we decided upon travels done together and more travels done alone. No one in the afterlife is surprised by any ones death. Of course we die. How else would there be journeys of ours that you intended to build upon? If we travelled the same path together, always, we would not get anywhere!

Let go of your misguided ties to loved ones passed. There is no grief that is worth you prematurely ending your ascension. Keep them near and dear but do not allow sadness to slow your journey toward the House of God.

This is very much a team approach. Learn from elders and other loved ones. Build upon their success and experience then keep moving forward. One generation will build upon the one before. Then, the next generation will build upon this one. Imagine the greatness that will come of your success!

Let go of grief. Honor and remember your loved ones and then make them proud of all of the wonders that you may achieve! Do not limit yourself by sadness or sorrow. Instead make every effort to stay positive and in the Light.

This is as God would have you do. Amen.


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