Barriers to Love’s Communication

(I was given the gift of a lion a few days ago. In short I am to relay word from spirit and resist the urge to alter the information to match my own thoughts or feelings. There have been some posts that I deleted altogether! I have been instructed to give all information as designed so that we all may hear their very specific guidance at the time it was intended to be given.

I have been set straight upon my path! We will see how long I am able to follow along as intended. If my ego doesn’t get the best of me I’ll do as God wishes me to do. All information will be channelled.) 

Barriers to Love’s Communication

How much information that is sent to you do you really accept in its true form? Do you alter the message out of fear, ego desires, mistaken interpretation, or barriers left in the way? Yes, very often. Even a yes/no format may be altered by your own misperception.

What is the most common barrier? Altering the message with emotions. Spirit gives messages very matter-of-factly. There is not emotion provided along with the message, you apply the emotion after spirit has spoken!

Another common barrier is hearing what you want to hear. So many times the human wants to feel powerful and all-knowing. You will imagine aspects of the message pulled way out of proportion or completely fabricated. Then , if you are passing this message to another, they are not receiving accurate information. 

Another common barrier is receiving messages that are beyond your comfort level so you negate it completely. Often these messages are of death or dying. Loved ones are intended to pass or they have completed their charts. Spirit will present you with this information and you will deny this to yourself. Letting someone go is not in your nature and you, again, allow emotions to overrule the truth in the message. Children dying is a common example. You as the psychic will rarely tell the parents that their child’s chart is complete and now they must allow them to leave. Instead you give inaccurate information so no one will become upset. You have edited the message from spirit to match your personal comfort level. 

Another barrier is substance abuse. Whether it be alcohol, drugs or any other mood altering substance, this will seriously alter your ability to receive messages. You may block all messages or alter the ones that you are able to receive. What is worse is that negative energies will be drawn to you because of your altered state. This happens often with psychics and seers. If you are not properly grounded, centered and protected, the negative being will utilize you to dispense inaccurate and emotionally upsetting information. Remember, true guides do not include emotion in their messages. Negative or dark beings will cause pain, trauma, fear, panic and/or devastating information. Then, you will pass along this drama to an unsuspecting person in search of answers from God. It is a double negative. You are bathed in darkness and so is the person asking for information.

Another barrier is someone who is not intuitive but is essentially listening to their ego voice or even their own internal voice. This is very common. The more power you give to ego the more dramatic and out-of-proportion your messages will become! It is addictive and intoxicating. You will relish the feeling of self-importance. There may come a time when you realize exactly what you are doing but in many cases you may never know. The people who listen to you may realize how inaccurate your messages are and then they will distance themselves from you. Or, everyone will be happily invested in over-the-top beliefs with no foundation in truth.

Be careful to receive God’s information in its true form. Practise this and never veer too far away from being grounded, centered and protected when communicating with spirit. Be vigilent that the messages you receive are accurate, from the Light and for your best and highest good.

Love has a feeling all of its own and God speaks love very well!

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