Follow The Plan

The plan is already in place. All you have to do is remove any barriers that you have introduced into the process.

Ground, center, and plan for continued success.

Grounding is important because you would be light-headed and scattered if you are not. Attaching yourself to Mother Earth and God is the best means to make the most of the life that you have already planned.

Many people over think the information presented to them and may alter their path just by not being open and having faith.

Centering yourself is also important. Without this your physical body will not be available and conducive to the free flow of God and spirit.

Imagine being a pilot and not being in contact with a control tower. You would be flying without any benefit of knowing what is around you or what conditions are waiting for you on the ground. This is foolhardy and careless. Not allowing your human vessel to be receptive to all of the spiritual information and direction around you is just as reckless.

Prayer is a means in which you inform your guides how you are thinking and feeling. Yes, we may scan your mind for these answers but speaking your mind allows you to process through your circumstances and focus your thoughts more clearly. Just as writing a letter or journaling helps to focus your mind as well.

Guides may connect with you in many ways. We are certain that you have received some unique and surprising direction as you maneuver through your day. Try not to question the process. Be mindful and receptive. Having faith will absorb the most amount of Eternal Light into your life.

Making choices about the direction of your path is easy. Is it something that God would do or have you do? If yes, then proceed. If no, decide what direction God would have you go.

Buying cars, homes, cars, and other luxuries is not God’s focus. Helping others and leading by example are.

What would you do if at the end of your life you had all of the trappings of wealth and prosperity but you were miserably alone and isolated from the people who once loved you? It really is this simple.

God does not want you to spend your life stacking your gold. He would prefer that you stack an even greater pile of good deeds and charitable actions.

Love does not cost.

Family do not stay close if there is no love.

Pray and follow divine guidance. Give much to others and help your society to heal and improve. If your decisions  follow this guideline you will have much success in the Eye of Our Lord. 

God Loves You as Do We.

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