Be Available for Greatness!

No more sadness or sorrow. Now is not the time to feel sorry for ourselves. It IS the time to move forward with much speed and grace.

Make that list of things that you want to do, have or be. Let God have the list and be careful not to micromanage or intervene in any way. Giving instructions on how the universe can fulfill your desires is the best way to cancel all of them! 

Make those wonderful decisions and step back. Be certain to keep open, for all avenues may be used to fulfill your desires. The moment you close down or question the process you will push the outcome further and further away. Or, you may cancel it out all together!

You are loved! You are God’s precious child! We came here at this time to experience this awakening. There are no more strings except for the ones that YOU insist upon keeping!

Do you wonder at the potential for all of the souls coming in now? There is a large amount of babies coming in. Why? What is their future going to include? How much more enlightened and evolved will their lives be?

When you count your blessings they probably pale in comparison to the blessings that these souls are bringing with them. The good news is that we are still here! We may also share in the power of enlightenment available this year!

Start today. Make your list of must haves and allow God to fulfill that list. Stay open and utilize the immense enlightenment that is flooding our world. Hang on, the flood gates of beauty and grace are fully open!

Become that person that you have always dreamed of and look at your fellow humans and know that they also came here to be a part of this time of divine manifestation!

It is like being a member of a very elite club. You, your loved ones and all others are here to be given the tools and opportunities for ascension! Do not question your ability to become your higher self. There is nothing holding us back but the limitations of our own minds.

Move forward at an amazing pace and when you experience a lull, clear your mind and accept your divinity yet again. Push yourself back into the flow as often as needed.

There is truly no limit to what you may achieve in the name of God.

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