Do You Own It?

Now that we have survived the Winter Solstice of 2012 it is time to set some goals and review our own behavior and habits.

“Do you own it?” refers to your own behavior that you have attributed to other people up until now! Your emotions are yours alone. No one gives you hope, frustration, love or anger. You give yourself these emotions and many more.

Your co-worker causes you to be frustrated. No, you respond to your co-workers behavior with frustration. You choose it. This person may behave in many different ways but you choose how to respond to them.

Your mother makes you feel guilty. No, you respond to your mother with feelings of guilt. She hits the right buttons and you react as expected.

Your teenage son makes you feel hopeless. No, you choose to feel hopeless when responding your son’s behavior.

I hope this makes sense. If you need a visual image, look in the mirror and see yourself as a marionette. You have strings attached to your head, arms, hands, feet and legs. These strings are your habitual responses to a variety of events. Do you enjoy being tied to certain reactions or would you prefer to react genuinely? 

Cut all of these strings and allow more Light and love into your life. Do you know people who have an infinite amount of patience and acceptance? This is your goal. Now that we have arrived into this New Age it is good to review all of your life circumstances and clear out any negative or short-sighted behavior.

Be that person of infinite wisdom and clarity. Open all of your doors and windows and accept life at face value. Don’t respond with any preconceived prejudice.

Reacting to life with an open mind and a fresh start is for your own benefit. Find the positives in your relationships with your co-worker, mother and teen son…Start anew! Why, because we can!

Own your less than positive behavior. See others and accept that you have chosen how to react toward them time and time again. You have stacked the deck against them. There have been a multitude of times when you wanted others to give you a second chance so why not give this gift to those people in your life?

Own your feelings and responses. Be more positive. Do your best to learn why you react with certain emotions to people or situations. Find those keys to releasing your negative feelings for everyone in your life.

Does it help to be angry, frustrated, hostile, avoidant or inflexible? No. Your life would be more positive and hopeful without all of these negative emotions.

Cut the strings and nurture yourself. Find that loving ground on which to respond to those who make your life more challenging. Appreciate your differences and be thankful for the difficult lessons that these people teach you.

If it always seems like you are at odds with someone in your work, home or personal life than this is your behavior pattern that you must change. Choose to not be at odds with anyone and reap the benefits of God’s Grace.

Smile and send love toward your mother when you would normally be angry and avoidant. Be proud of your new and positive response to her. Build upon that success when you speak with her again. Does it help to understand where her thoughts and emotions are coming from? Yes!

It is beneficial to be empathetic to all those that you come into contact with. Even your teen son has a reason for his behavior. Talk to him and understand the emotions behind your conflict with him. Give him that much respect. Know his life more deeply then set reasonable goals and expectations. Cut those strings of frustration!

Try the same with your co-worker.

If you have made every effort to clear out all of your feelings of conflict with others then at the very least send love. Surround them with God’s White Light and pray that they know more stability and contentment in their life.

Relieve your level of stress and know more stability and contentment as well. Cut the strings that have caused more harm than good. Be patient, calm and at peace. Accept that you have an infinite amount of forgiveness for all others. This is God’s way and your life will set a positive example for everyone who is blessed by knowing you.

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