What Steps to Take?

(This feels like a different guide. The message feels more like poetry. It feels almost sing-song. My content today is 100% channeled.)

God looked upon you this day and stated, “You are my child and I love you dearly. I have only the best wishes for you and my heart soars when you seek your own truth and your own higher self.”

“We spoke at length many times when we decided what you would learn from this life. We spent many long hours deciding how best to learn and to teach. We arrived at this place in perfect union for I AM your Father AND your guide.”

“We spoke of hardship and extended haste. We smiled when we imagined your joy and your success. We also discussed the many twists in your road and the painful lessons left to learn.”

“What is left? Much more. You have made many steps and began and ended many journeys. We planned for periods of rest and some of action. We are not done. We have no end in sight. We will walk the rest of the way in unison because I KNOW your heart and I FEEL your pain.”  

“Do not question my love for you. You are never alone and you are never far from my mind. We will dance in the end, just as we always do. We will talk and reminisce. We will laugh and count your blessings. We will KNOW how much was completed and what was left undone. We don’t know the word failure and this will never pass from my lips. We have only just begun and our hearts will gather together again, in time.”

“I have clearly marked your path and I have left the Light on ahead of you. You have not just begun and you are not nearly finished. We KNOW this to be true. We KNOW this in each other. This is but one life in a long string of lives.”

KNOW Me and KNOW My Heart for YOU are at the very center.” 

“In Love for All Eternity,

Your Father God”

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