The Blueprint to Recovery

Now what? Was your introduction to 2013 uneventful or did you experience some excitement or drama?

I have been sick so my New Year’s was very quiet. Now that we have all arrived in 2013, what does spirit have to say?

Time will speed up quite a bit. Whatever you are thinking and feeling will come to you almost immediately. Be wary of the Law of Attraction. If you expect financial turmoil and lean times that is exactly what you will get!   

If you focus upon financial success and personal gain that is what the Universe will bring to you. Remember this when new circumstances arrive. Think back and survey your thoughts. Is this exactly what you asked for?

Catch yourself when you are replaying that negative loop about loss and financial hardship in your mind. Stop yourself as soon as you realize what you are saying internally. God will bring you exactly what you wish for so make sure it is positive and loving.

Spirit also states that we will continue to experience illness for at least 2 more months. It will either be ourselves or someone close to us. Don’t fear, it is not any more serious than a cold or virus. Our illness will run its course then leave. Be prepared, some of our family groups will have one or more ill people at the same time! The good news is that it will end in late February or early March. Good luck to you!

We will see an influx of more positive energy and hopeful circumstances. We will buy that home or that newer vehicle. Our savings will grow and job security will make a well needed comeback. We will all make a collective sigh of relief.

What did you learn? How much more prepared are you for tough times?

Remember everything that caught you by surprise in 2012. Be wary of certain banks and lenders. Watch for Ponzi schemers and deals too good to be true. Invest in better flood insurance. Make certain your health insurance covers what you and your family needs. Seek better pharmacy coverage or more reasonable co-pays.

Review the security of your homes, schools and community centers. Be watchful of others who pose a risk to you and yours due to untreated mental illness or lax gun control. Have you noticed how many families are coming forward to state how their mentally ill loved ones have been underserved by health care for extended periods of time? Or, under supervised by the legal system?

I grew up with a violent, untreated, paranoid schizophrenic in our home. I know what some people have to deal with on a daily basis. I grew up in fear. Unlike some mentally ill people, my brother was violent to our own family members and destructed our personal property. How scary would it have been if he targeted the schools or the community?

There are many untreated mentally ill individuals. We have seen a second subway pusher now and she has been violent and untreated for years.

Let us remember. All of these difficult lessons were experienced so that we may learn from them. The real shame would be if we again reverted into denial and made no progress toward improving the health and wellbeing of ourselves and those close to us.

What will we learn from Obamacare? What will the sun flares and global warming teach us this year? How many more animals species will progress toward extinction? What about this treatment resistant malaria? Where do we stand on hazing? What should be done with schools and institutions that are proven to not report or under report child sexual abuse? How can we respond to fraudulent construction companies that feed off of our home/auto tragedy survivors? What about fracking?

There have been some stunning events that came to be in 2012. Please make certain that progress is made toward recovery. We have had many opportunities to learn some very important lessons. Don’t allow our pain and suffering to resolve without a prudent amount of oversight.

Let us have the strength to make things better. We are here to do God’s work and we know that there is more than enough that needs to be done. The blueprint is there. We only have to review this past year in order to develop a productive “to do” list.

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