When Darkness Calls

We have 2 more days until the Winter Solstice and the End of the Mayan Calendar. How are you doing? Are you confident in your faith that this world will continue on and the day will come and go just like any other day? Or, have you been swayed by the rhetoric and fear surrounding some of the end-of-times prophesies?

My older daughter is a substitute teacher at 2 different schools. She told me that many students are fearful of this coming day. Many have told her that they will stay home from school that day. I asked her if their parents knew this and she stated that she didn’t know.

There is also much talk about the tragedy in Newtown. There are rumors of certain teens that have made threats against the schools. Some are talking about bringing their own weapons to school to protect themselves and their friends. There are mob mentality responses planned for the different alleged school shooters.

There is a teenage female who is rumored to have made a school shooter threat and the other students state that they will hold her down and beat her until she gives up her weapon. They plan to continue to beat her until she does!

Do you know what your children are feeling and thinking? Have you spoken to them about these monumental events? Are you allaying their fears or stoking them?

This is a highly emotional time. There are fears both real and blown out of proportion. How do many of us manage? Do we reach out to our parents, siblings and other loved ones and see what their view is on this upcoming day or do we remain insular and keep mostly to ourselves? Is there a gentle balance in between?

The perpetrator at Newtown had a parent who fed into the Doomsday mentality. They had weapons in the home and she taught him to shoot. Are we also walking that same fine line?

This is a time of introspection. How do you want to prepare yourself for 12/21/12? How will you prepare your family? How do you wish your community to respond? What are your coworkers saying about this much maligned day?

What would you say about your own perspective if you were someone else looking into your life? Are you being reasonable or are you overreacting a bit? Or, are you overreacting a lot? What is your mindset doing to those close to you?

Fear is a lack of faith in God. 

Fear overrides our rational minds.  

Fear feeds our deepest insecurities.

I have been silent for much of this Doomsday talk. I’ve been content to allow people to react in fear if that is their wish. I have my own perspective, for certain, but they are entitled to their own opinion.

What has caused me to speak out is the conversation with my daughter about the talk in the schools. I’m deeply saddened that our children are forced to feel so vulnerable. Is there an adult in their lives willing to work through some of these emotions? Are they truly without any mature direction? Do most of us know that they are planning for the worst?

I remember when some believers were awaiting Rapture. There was a young man in our community who stationed himself at the local fast food place. He urged my children to get their matters in order and prepare for the end of times. My heart broke because he truly believed in Rapture and feared for my daughters’ souls.

How did he feel when it didn’t manifest? How did we all feel January 1st, 2000 after the Y2k scare? How will we feel this Saturday? 

Find comfort in God. Bring your loved ones close and celebrate how beautiful life is. Give hugs and kisses freely. Be thoughtful and supportive. Then,  and wake up on Saturday and thank God for another day and keep this practise going until you die of old age. 

Do not give fear a foothold and help your children to do the same.

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