What Does Cancer Teach Us?

I repeatedly speak about life’s difficult lessons. We are here to learn and to grow. We must allow our souls to expand and evolve otherwise we have failed to accomplish all that we came here to do.

What is the lesson of cancer?

1. Value life. Treasure each day as if this is your last.

2. Take care of your health. Our physical bodies are the vessels in which our soul maneuvers the terrain of life. Without our physical health we diminish the number of lessons that we may conquer.

3. It teaches our loved ones to value life. They see by watching us that life may be fleeting. Each moment is a gift and so much love may be lost by taking your loved ones for granted.

4. Trust in Western Medicine. There are optional therapies that we may utilize but by far, Western Medicine has the best survival rate. This does not mean to negate all adjunctive therapies. Do as you must to nurture who you really are. Sample other possibilities which may work along with Western Medicine. Tailor your own perfect blend of treatment. Great strength will come from this practise alone.

5. Quality of life is paramount to quantity of life. Each moment is sacred. We may be forced to appreciate life in smaller increments because the disease may shorten our life expectations by varying degrees.

6. That no one is either too young or too old for this disease. It touches all race, gender and wealth. We are never assured that we will not be touched by cancer.

7. That life offers us reprieves. We may endure treatment and then be blessed with remission. Then, each day and each moment are truly gifts that we must not squander.

8. We find a monumental amount of courage. We never just let things be. We always choose to fight and to manage each battle. We do not choose to fade quietly away. It is not in our nature to give in.

9. We set a path for others to continue upon once we have left this life and this battle. Our loved ones will not have to start at the beginning because you will have taught them all about the struggle until your natural end. Each of us will have working knowledge of this disease and what is part of treatment because we have known and loved you.

10. Your soul strength will shine so brightly that others may follow your courageous path and NOT question that they too may beat all odds. It is like a baton that you will hand to the next soul and they will build upon all of your spiritual success.

We charted everything that presents in our path. We knew to depend upon our inner strength to manage all blocks and barriers. This is as it should be.

At the end of this life we will stand before God and our soul growth will outshine even the brightest star!

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