A Metaphor for Clarity

I was gently resting yesterday. I was allowing thoughts to flow freely through my mind. This epiphany came from spirit, I’m sure!

If you want to have an image of how to best absorb and assimilate the incoming wave of energy, I have found a metaphor!

Think of Jesus as he stood to part the Red Sea. Imagine yourself about to follow him through the divide. If you are open and able to utilize this powerful flow of energy, then view yourself as standing in the divide with the flow of water sweeping outward away from you.

You are safe. You feel confident at the sight before you and you know you will cross the sea with ease.  You’ll not be harmed in any way and you have faith that you are benefiting from God’s Grace. Your joy is growing immensely. You have great faith in your own ability to accept God’s Will and to use it for your own ascension.

As you cross the sea, you feel the spiritual energy raising you up closer to your higher self. Your travelling with God is amazing for your confidence. You believe that you are truly one with God and no longer question your path. It is simply to do God’s work.

Now imagine standing at the edge of the Red Sea and following Jesus into the divide. This time you are self-conscious and unprepared. Your faith wavers and you fear the water crushing in upon you.

Your anxiety causes you to lose your way. Instead of looking to God for the steps to follow, you close down your second sight and look fervently at your feet. Your fear has its hands around your throat. You struggle to breathe and question your every step.

The water has not imploded upon you but you still have not allowed yourself to see God’s Light. You lose control over your fear. Each step feels exactly like the wrong one. Your anxiety is draped over you like a cloak.

You feel abandoned by God. The pressure around you is unmanageable. Who could have left you in such an impossible situation? How will you ever survive? 

All of the tools are around you. Your guide is there with open arms. The instructions are clear from that place of God inside you, but you cannot hear it. You feel like you are alone. You sense no love or Divine Guidance for you. God must certainly have abandoned you.

Your circumstances are no different in this image. God has never walked away from you. He has never lost love for you or left you alone at any time. The difference is your perception and your ability to open up and ALLOW God. 

Following Jesus into the divided Red Sea requires faith and surrender. If you are able to relax and use the 12/21/12 portal of energy you will follow God through the sea and grow spiritually. If you are closed down and unenlightened, the energy will pound down on and around you. Little growth will be made. You will wake to find that the world is going on as usual and not much has seemed to have changed.

If you have opened your soul to the intensity of the Light, you will wake to find that your mind seems endless. A vast amount of opportunities will make themselves available. There will an unknown amount of levels in your thinking. Your proximity to Source will be palpable.

I hope I have described this metaphor with enough clarity so that it helps you with your perception of this portal. Have faith. Trust in God and know that this is a Divine gift for each of us. Place no barriers between you and the flow of ascension!

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