4 Steps to Surf the Wave!

This is truly an auspicious time. We are coming upon the alignment of planets, the winter solstice and the end of the Mayan Calendar all at once!

How do we prepare? By more closely aligning with who God wants us to be! This is the best opportunity to use all of the incoming cosmic energy to boost yourself into an immense spiritual evolution!

Who does God want you to be? Always remember that it has nothing to do with material possessions or monetary wealth. The only avenue that this type of “success” would be advantageous is if you give to charity or in some way benefit others. Then this type of wealth is spiritually powerful. If you plan on keeping all of your monetary wealth to yourself then it is not considered a lofty goal.

When you evaluate your life try your best to put it in a context of how much you help or give to others. Again, self-enrichment is good as long as you assist others as well.

It is fairly common for some of us to feel off-balance or irritable. There is a massive crunch of solar energy pressing down upon us. Use prayer (1) to ask for assistance in effectively utilizing this inbound energy. Meditate (2)to regain or maintain your chakra alignment and cleanse them of muddy or dark energy. Repeatedly ground yourself (3) and bathe in bright White Light (4)! 

Using these 4 simple steps will increase your feelings of connectedness and stability.

Continually check yourself for how you feel and if you are displaying symptoms of misalignment. Discover for yourself what your own cues are. Do you become irritable, lethargic or sullen? Do you feel sad or angry? Does it feel like everything seems to be working against you? Then it is time to ground, center, and open back up to God. Take the time you need to infuse yourself in bright White Light.

Good self-care will help you to navigate this truly complicated and inspiring time in our existence. The more stable and confident you feel , the more you will be able to help those dear to you. This is a win-win situation!

Imagine yourself as you sat down to write your life chart. You planned to be here on Earth during this high energy cycle. You did NOT write, “I will become so frustrated at work that I may lose my job,” or, “I will alienate all of my loved ones because I am not capable of utilizing this cosmic energy for positive change.” “I choose to respond to change by becoming sullen, angry and depressed.” These statements definitely would not have God’s approval.

Imagine more accurately that you wished to use this energy as a springboard for positive change and true charity. This is a challenge not an ending. Set some goals! Make them positive, hopeful and helpful. Give more love to yourself and others. Be spiritually successful and give your insight and guidance freely to those who continue to struggle.

See how many positive and inspiring goals that you can come up with! Then decide how many you would be able to accomplish! Then set about achieving as many as you can between now and the end of the year!

Try new and different things. Invite someone along and share in the beauty of this magical time!

Remind yourself to accept and utilize this inbound energy for positive change. Recognize when you become less inspired and use the 4 steps above to regain your composure.

As a whole, we are transcending from selfish, isolating goals to awe-inspiring, collective goals. It isn’t about “just me” anymore. This transition is much-needed and wanted. We are beginning our journey to global brotherhood and a more beautiful gift for the holidays could not be imagined.

God loves us very dearly and it is time to embrace  this new age with love and inspiration.

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