Has Anything Caught You By Surprise?

I sense the energy ramping up. The universe is sending us a variety of energy sources so each of us may find what suits us best.

Some of us are still experiencing confusion and technology failures. Things are breaking and needing extra attention. Some mixed signals occur during our communication with each other. Some of us are even contemplating some major decisions about purchases, relationships and job changes!

What has caught you by surprise?

I have spoken to many people who have allowed their energy and openness to become bogged down. We tend to think that if I bear down and work hard things will turn around and become better. That is just the opposite of what God would have us do.

Once we have decided to shut down as a form of self-protection, we actually block Divine guidance. We hold on too tightly and no new energy is allowed to flow in.

What some of us do in order to manage or control what is happening in our lives is actually serving to limit what help we may be able to receive from spirit. 

Don’t hold on to anything too tight. Let go and let God.

It doesn’t say “let go” unless it involves money or your health or buying a new home. It means let go

It is OK for love to flow. It is OK for family to come near and drift away. It is OK for your home life to shift and change. It is OK to gather new friends and let go of other friends.

Your body’s energy is intended to be fluid. Any energy healer will tell you that stagnant areas or blockages will negatively affect your health. Your chakras are meant to be fluid, clear and bright. Allow your vital energy to move and respond to life.

Dark and muddy areas are never a good thing. Blocks and barriers are just that.

Don’t white knuckle anything. TRUST in God. ASK for help. BE and let be.

It is best to flow and allow the universe to bring you the life that you have written. Building a dam will restrict all of the wonderful experiences that you came here to learn from.

Live the life that God has blessed you with and always be OPEN to the shifts and changes that are naturally occurring. This is as God intended.

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