The Spirit Election Forecast!

Dismal and disappointing.

Even when your candidate wins, you’ll still be disillusioned after a while. It seems to be more of the same for years to come.

Are some of us more aware of the shortcomings of politics? Does this have to do with 4D? Or, am I becoming more enlightened and have more insight into the political world of today? Probably all three!

We are all beginning to realize that we need to become a more integral part of our government. This idea of electing officials then stepping back no longer works for us. Our government needs continued oversight. Obviously.

What would spirit have us know?

1. Remain vigilant. Don’t walk away and “trust” anyone to make the best decisions for all of us. Being involved and aware is the best approach.

2. Don’t just cast one ballot. Stay involved and press your constituents whenever a vote in congress will impact your life, your property, your income and your health.

3. Rally when more information is needed. Call attention to votes that need to be monitored. What is best for everyone involved? Who really stands to gain from this legislation? What will be the impact upon our future generations? Don’t go quietly anymore.

4. Ensure that politicians know that they are accountable!

5. Prepare for the next election as soon as this one is completed. Be proactive instead of reactive. Have all of the information needed to make a better informed decision at the next election. Pay attention to party moves at all times and not just in the months leading up to another vote.

6. Advocate for yourself, your family and your community. Don’t ever believe that someone else will watch over you!

7. Be a party organizer. Start right away and make certain to keep all of your fellow citizens updated on all party maneuvers and tactics. Hold regular meetings designed to follow your party’s elected officials and grade whether they are making good decisions or not. Make certain that they know you are following them closely. You are a force to be reckoned with.

8. Keep financial support down to a minimum. Make sure your candidate knows that your group’s money follows whether they are accountable to you or not. If they make bad decisions or funnel support away from you and your group members, then cut off the money to make your point. It is ok to hit below the financial belt. 

9. Advertise for more group members. Make certain to seek people of like mind. Bringing adversity into your group would distract all of its members away from what is important. If they want different goals then allow them to part from you and seek their own platform. Do not engage in conflict among your group members. Staying on the same page will increase your strength.

10. Don’t forget! Try your best to stay vigilant and not let up. Good intentions are not as successful as proactive movement. Always remember that we want our world to be a better place not only for ourselves but for our next generations as well.

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