What To Do When The Veil is Thin

Protect yourself! Use as many self-protection actions as you may think you need. Never let your guard down and empower your guides to help you as well.

With all of these suggestions give your guides permission to intervene on your behalf. Angels may be empowered to intervene as well. It is necessary to restate your permission as their ability to intervene will fade over time. Use this approach often. Your guides and your angels are always there to protect you and don’t mind a bit, but they do need your permission.

Surround yourself with White Light. Remember to infuse the Light throughout your being and not just cover the front of your body. We always forget to protect our backs and all through and through, from top to bottom.

Envelope yourself with mirrors facing outward. Any negative entity will suffer from their own energy being projected back to them. They definitely won’t like this.

Surround yourself in a White bubble. All the beautiful energy may come in but none of the darkness.

Imagine the Light of your God center. Add more energy to this area and allow the Light to radiate outward, brighter and brighter. Allow yourself to be fully engulfed and infused by this Light and renew this image as often as you feel you need to. The brightness of this Light will repel many darker beings and not allow them any access to your energy. If done correctly they will have no port to attach to.

Pray. Ask for God and all of your Heavenly Hosts to give you complete protection from lower energies. Give them permission and give thanks for the help that you receive.

Pray also for no beings to be allowed near you unless they come from the Light AND have only the best intentions for you. This will allow your departed loved ones to be near but not any earthbound spirits or ghosts. Do not just state “from the Light” because even the dark ones have originally come from the Light, then have turned away.

Use crystals that aid in self-protection. I am not an expert on crystals but you may find some suggestions on different websites. In fact, you may have purchased one in the past and have not realized that self-protection is one of the benefits of it.

Light a candle and again pray for self-protection. Infuse the candle with the intent of protection and pray or meditate upon the candle until you feel that Source has accepted your intent and will act upon it. I would do this at least once a day. Two times if possible. A white candle will focus upon God, angels and Heaven. A blue candle will focus upon Archangel Michael who has a golden sword to block connections and cut ties to lower energies.

Burn sage in your home or apartment. Voice the intent to dispell any negative or dark energy from your home. Go room to room and say prayers of blessing at the same time. When dark energies are removed it is important to fill the space back up again, usually with White Light. Leaving a void will encourage any energy to enter and keep space.

Surround your home or apartment with White Light. Imagine the complete interior and exterior beaming with the brightest light you can imagine. Renew this image as often as necessary. It is also possible to infuse Light in and around your vehicle, office, neighborhood…Any space that you will occupy.

These are a few examples. Use as many or as few as you would like. A moderate amount of self-protection is all you will need. It is not necessary to establish an impenetrable fortress around you.

Earthbound spirits usually want attention. They love being disruptive and will pass from one location to another. They rarely arrive and stay. Try not to overreact.

If you block all spirits then Uncle Joe and Grandma Mary won’t be able to visit either. But, if you want no spirit contact your loved ones will understand. Unconditional love goes far beyond blocking a brief visit from them.  

The veil will thicken in November again. Intuitives will probably perceive this when it happens. Most of us may count on the veil becoming thicker by mid-November. Don’t be surprised when your loved ones still visit around the holidays. Especially if this is their usual time for a visit. They know how to cross the veil at any time, especially when your family gathers together.

The thin veil allows ghosts more strength to manipulate our environment. These are earthbound spirits who choose not to cross back over. Loved ones usually don’t fall into this category. 

Experience all the joy and celebration of these times. Halloween does not have to be associated with darker beings. This may be a time of fun just like any other occasion of coming together.

Please DO NOT hunt ghosts or use a Ouiji board unless you are with a trusted group and you really know what you are doing! This is NOT the time to experiment with spirit communication. You may find someone to chat with and then quickly realize that you are in way over your head! Don’t risk it, please.

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