Leading You to Water…

My older daughter told me the other day that if she surrenders to spirit she feels hands upon her shoulders and direct guidance in matters before her. I was stunned. I hear spirit and may often get images of things, but I haven’t been physically guided in this manner! I’m a proud momma.

My thoughts on this is that my daughter is interacting with one of her guides who feels that she will respond to this type of guidance. Knowing she will gain the most benefit at this time and in this manner.

I am seeking further information from my guides and I am being told that they may lead you to certain events or outcomes but they cannot make you follow through. The doors may open but you have to walk through them.

This is a perfect mingling of God’s Will and your will. We always have the option to accept input from others. Guides may speak to you or come to you in a dream. They may orchestrate some events or present you with specific opportunities. They have all manner of direct communication with you but it is only you who may follow through.

They may lead you to water but they can’t make you drink!

What a perfect system. This is truly divine. We have endless amounts of support in all areas of life but we have to want this guidance. If we wish to be self-directed we may certainly do so. This is our will.

What happens when you step off of your path? Frustration. Irritability. Feeling sullen and lost. Your daily life will feel like it is full of obstacles. It will seem like everything is going against you. One conflict after another. You may even become despondent.

How many of you are nodding your heads in understanding?

Not to worry. You may choose your own path despite the conflict with your chart. If you wish to pursue goals in life which are not pre-determined that is completely up to you. It is also possible that you will indulge your own desires now and seek an enlightened path later in life.  Or, attempt to live a dual existence. You are choosing your own life goals. That’s fine.

At some point you may wonder why life is so hard and full of challenges. It may be then that you decide to seek more alignment with God’s Will.

Your charted life will come to you very easily. Things will just present themselves at the most opportune times. These doors will open as if by magic. You will feel blessed or charmed. Life will feel seamless and fluid. You will begin to expect those gifts that dot your path. You’ll wake each day knowing that God will provide. 

If you are familiar with Esther and Jerry Hicks you will be flowing downstream again. There will be a marked absence of the conflict and turmoil that you feel when you are travelling upstream. Why work so hard if you don’t have to?

God’s love is everlasting. You will always be accepted whether you follow your chart or not. I only offer this one reminder. This life is between you and God alone. When you come to the end and return home, there may be some goals left unfinished or gaps in the strength of your faith. This is fine also. You will at once realize where you were self-determined and why. It is always up to you, isn’t it?



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