December 21, 2012

What will it feel like? Much the same as any high energy cycle in our earth-lives. We are continuously building up what we believe is going to happen. We are prophesying and anticipating. We are planning and saving. Be are busy as bees and eager as beavers…but! What is this all about?

If you are on a spiritual path, we will be given a boost in global energy to do with it as we so choose. We may use it for a more acute connection to spirit. We may want more clarity in our life purpose. We may seek to boost the acuity of our senses. We may ask for healing. We may offer assistance to others because we finally realize how blessed we are. We may deepen our connection to Mother Earth. We may set upon the path to grow more of our own food and raise our own animals as food sources. We may lessen our dependence upon fuel. We may invest in self-sustainable housing.

There is an endless amount of energy we may use for our extended health and well-being. The boost we utilize may propel us into a heightened spiritual state. We may look around us and readily see where our lives need more depth and awareness. We may seek to commune with God.

There won’t be anything flashy or catastrophic. It will be a heightened state of being. The only choice is will you revel in it and make improvements in your life or will you try to duck out?

The people who are bracing for cataclysmic events will likely be disappointed. Just like the people who attempted to jump aboard the space ship trailing the Hale Bop Comet. Or, those waiting for spaceships to descend upon the earth at various times. Or, the people quitting their jobs and spending all their cash preparing for RAPTURE. These believers respond by adjusting their schedules and changing the dates.

We tend to build up these events into something that can’t possibly happen. We are expecting the earth to open up and swallow the “dark” people and cleanse the world all at once. We are prepared to embrace the Light so we won’t be cast into the chasm of hell…very literally.

Will the events of 12/21/12 be quite so dramatic and harrowing? Probably not.

Remember the anticipation of 11/11/11? This year will be more powerful and energizing but not the end of life on earth. If you are on a spiritual path and accept the cosmic energy in order to boost your growth, then, this will truly be a monumental event! Something to celebrate!

I, for one, had a beautiful spiritual awakening around the time of 11/11/11. I recognized it for what it really was and I thanked God for the gift! I felt so energized and attuned to the Light.

I wish for you to accept God’s gift of 12/12/12 and 12/21/12. Honor our SOURCE and make a monumental leap forward in your ascension!

Prepare for what seems reasonable to you. Will people be stressed? Yes. Will others hunker down in their homes? Yes. Will some people stock up on bottled water and canned food? Yes. Will they buy a generator? Yes. Will some people back up their computers and unplug them for the day? Yes.

Be prepared. Do what you would like in order to feel safe and protected from whatever you reasonably expect. Expect to pray, ground, center, and meditate. Use the surplus energy to increase your connection to God. Appreciate and count your blessings. Spend time with loved ones. Prepare to celebrate the holidays.

Do everything that you would normally do awash God’s Light, upon our earth home. The Mayan Calendar may end but, WE will not.

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  • Clark Kent  On October 24, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    My friend I wish I had a ego or thought process to accept this and feel above or below which is in turn a place that needs to be surrendered to as well.. I although feel the love in which you are genuinely expressing knowing that all that was.. Was the ability to speak from words what is felt within… You can hear it in you! 😉

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